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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Union’s Pouring it on for Obama

Politicians just love union endorsements but they really love unions when they are pissed off at their opponent. One union overwhelmingly endorsing Obama is the United Steel Workers and they are going into attack mode against John McCain and his distortion of facts campaign. The national USW website is a wealth of information and the local Wisconsin union is plastering their disgust with McCain and his position against our government buying American made products such as Harley Davidson. Members of the USW are plastering their message all over You Tube and making an all out effort to inform fellow union members on many of the votes John McCain has made in the Senate that are in direct opposition to everything the USW stands for.

Then there is that other bigger than life Union to which my wife is a very proud member called the Teamsters that has thrown its political pull behind Barack Obama as well…

Teamsters Endorse Barack Obama

"Senator Obama will stand with the Teamsters when it comes to fighting for working families," General President Jim Hoffa said. The endorsement mobilizes the union's 1.4 million members and their families to elect the Illinois senator. - Teamsters

I think these two Union’s endorsement alone shows how this election is going to turn out come November. Right now the doldrums of summer and all the polls are just to entertain the main stream media and really do not mean much in the long run. After the conventions of both parties are completed and we have a clear view of whom they choose for a Vice President candidate people will begin to focus on this election.


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