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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pre-Teen Bikini Wax?

This is just idiot Mom’s being freaking idiots! All across America people are actually showing up with their baby girls that are eight and twelve years old for a bikini wax before the babies even hit puberty? These people are just nuts. Somebody call DSS or Family Services for an abuse case or something on these nut jobs.

I’m not defending this kind of behavior but I’ve actually paid for a gift certificate to the salon my wife goes too so that she and my five daughters could get pedicures where my baby girls get their feet and toes washed, massaged and the toe nails painted together for a Mother’s Day gift so I feel almost guilty in this twisted mess that MSNBC is reporting on… I could never picture this kind of child abuse or even make it up! Here is what MSNBC has to say on it...

Too young? Preteen girls get leg, bikini waxes
Moms are bringing daughters to spas for hair removal before puberty

By Vidya Rao
TODAY staff
updated 6:07 p.m. ET, Wed., Aug. 13, 2008

Philadelphia aesthetician Melanie Engle, whose specialty is eyebrow shaping, is no stranger to odd requests. But nothing prepared her for being asked by one client to book a bikini wax appointment for her 8-year-old daughter.

“The first thing I had to do was try and stay calm, and not yell ‘What are you thinking?’ ” said Engle. “This wasn’t about the girl developing hair early — it was the mother’s obsession with wanting her daughter to be a supermodel.”

Waxing body hair — from the simple shaping of an eyebrow arch to the painful transformation of the bikini line — has long been a rite of passage for adult women. But now, more mothers around the U.S. are taking their tweens — kids 10 to 12 years old and some even younger — to salons to get body hair removed.

Somebody shoot me in the head if I find out that this kind of crap is being done to my baby girls up to age 18 and I did nothing to stop it! When my baby girls are eighteen, then it is their choice of torture for vanity sake. Anyone looking at a ten or twelve year old or for that matter any child’s bikini line alteration of hair for appearance sake or vanity is just sick. Eight year olds do not need legs waxed or for that matter anything on thier bodies done too!

What ever happened to buying your kid some dolls and just letting them be children? This is sick and any salon requested to do a “Bikini Wax” on any child under the age of eighteen should have to report it to the authorities. This is just too (Expletive) far from fixing your baby girls teeth with braces. Who the hell does this to their kids? What the (Expletive) are they thinking? Then you have to wonder what is freaking next for their baby girls?

All you have to look at to see how this kind of child abuse comes about is all the magazines, television advertisements, billboards, and the list goes on selling the beauty of a young woman to sell makeup, cars, and any product you might want to purchase. Somewhere in our humanity as American’s we forgot to let children just grow up and be themselves. Instead of molding them in the values we ourselves learned as children, some of us are raising them in the value they can potentially become to us and offered up as a sexual tool to sell crap? Call it what it is, giving an eight year old a bikini wax is child abuse. Make no doubt about it. This is not a political issue, this is freaking common sense!

If we ignore this fact of abuse then these kids will grow up to be the next generation to come that looks at all children as pawns to be manipulated with a dollar sign on thier bodies. What kind of values on child protection do you think they will have to give to the babies they will once raise? If it was good enough for them? So be it or worse for thiers!

Sick, just sick!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geez. Over-react much? I don't agree with the idea of waxing a child but I DO agree with MSNBC writing about it. Our society is truly oversexualized and we need to TALK about this (and not IGNORE it) and talk to our kids about how we SHOULD behave and feel and try to get them to be open with us. Only then can we all move forward as a society without freaking out over everything that happens that is new or scary or even different from how WE were raised. Times DO change and we have to change with them.

Mostly though, I feel that we should (at the very least)not be scared to talk about things like this with our kids if they ask and hopefully they will do the right thing because of OUR interactions and not peer pressure (tough call I know, but we can always hope!)

2:52 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Absolutely, I'm over reacting my friend. I'm thinking that this is beyond talk when a parent puts an 8 year old though this kind of abuse and it is abuse. One thing is certain that is a fact on this subject is that an 8 year old does not need to be subjected to needless pain in an area of their young body that they do not understand. My wife and I talk to our baby girls about many issues and this one has never been on the schedule of chats. I apologze if my thought process offends you but I can not honestly see any logical reason to do a bikini wax on an 8 year old?

I respect your opinion but I strongly disagree. Thank you for the well thought out opinion though! Of the 1000 plus readers that have viewed this post you are the only one that had the guts to voice an opinion on this subject. For that you get a Papamoka Kudos!

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't understand the issue here. Most young girls and adults prefer to be bald "down there". Most men find it far more attractive and cleaner. Little girls are already bald "down there" so why not keep it that way? As soon as they get hair on their pits they start removing it, what's the problem with removing it in other places?

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:13 PM  
Anonymous Brenda said...

uhhhhh,, it kinda bothers me! why are those mothers bringing their child to a spa/salon to have a brazilian bikini when in fact they're just hitting their puberty stage. tsktsk... I don't really get their point.

1:28 PM  

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