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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Spam and John McCain Run for President

It’s not a big secret that the Obama campaign is benefiting from bloggers like yours truly while running for President of the United States of America. It’s a bigger secret that John McCain is trying his best to thwart and sway opinion on independent blogs like this one with his spam message campaign. One thought comes to mind in the McSame campaign of politics, if you can’t sell your own message, then bash the hell out of your opponent. Check the link out here! I kid you not! I could not make this stuff up if I wanted to.

Over at the Gun Toting Liberal I found this interesting post with more points better than I could ever articulate…

Republican Candidate Admittedly Could Not Turn A Computer On A Few Weeks Ago But Has Now Learned How To Spam

The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi is reporting Senator McCain of Arizona Panama has now taken a page out of Communist China’s playbook by encouraging sympathizers to spam popular Liberal, Conservative, Moderate, and Other blogs with his “cut and paste” talking points — the most prolific of his spammers will accumulate “points” entitling them to prizes. In the one and ONLY direct link Señor McCain will ever receive by The Gun Toting Liberal™, click HERE to see for yourselves just how LOW Panama John will stoop to convince The People to endorse the prolonging of the Bush Oligarchy -slash- Police State versus the installation of the Barack Obama Nanny State. - Gun Toting Liberal

McCain is fighting a battle on the internet that he could never win. For one fact, most if not all bloggers have some form of spam protection to stop this kind of idiocy filling up our web pages. And the second fact is the point of argument that the Gun Toting Liberal made is the response to the post that would follow in the comment section. Empty discussion on what America needs in the next election for our President. John McCain is following the footsteps of the man he most despises and thinks the world still lives in the 70’s.

This election is going to be an Obama blow out against Bush and McCain will be the victim of playing the Bush game plan. Obama does not need to buy your votes, your support, or your hate. He is promising to change the status quo and McCain is selling more of the same last eight years. Hate, and anger is pretty much absent in the Obama for President campaign and for a reason, Barack Obama is not about looking back!

Ask yourself the same scenario and question that faced the Reagan Democrats, is your life better now than it was before George W Bush? Answer that question honestly to yourself and you will find that you simply can not vote for McCain. McCain is mirroring Bush in this race and he can not hide from that fact. Voting your wallet is yet another testament to the political question of “Is your life better now than it was before George W. Bush?” What did it cost you to fill the Chevy this week? Take in the fact that big oil has contributed millions to the McCain campaign when he changed his mind on offshore drilling and you see a pattern. McSame lives!

John McCain is not a bad person, he just isn’t the person our nation needs at this time in our lives as President of the United States of America.
Bring on the spammers Senator McCain, I don't normally delete any comments but if it is a copy and paste comment it will be deleted.

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