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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pollster Calls Obama Winner!

Over at MSNBC and Keith Olberman they did a piece on a pollster that actually knows how polls work and that pollster has Obama winning the Presidential election by a large margin. 294.7 for Obama and 243.3 for McCain Electoral College votes. Personally, I think Obama will win by a landslide across America simply because he is not promising or proposing more of the same policies of George W. Bush.

The owner of the site of does however state that these polls in the middle of the summer don’t pile up to a hill of beans until the conventions are over. Check the video and see what you think of the report from MSNBC…

One thing is certain, the American people are sick and tired of the screw you policies of the Bush administration and that crosses all party lines. I’m pretty sure that polls and pollsters are full of crap but I’m putting some serious weight and consideration behind this web site. What I am also putting my faith in is the power of the people to know when they have been wronged and change the status quo.

Changing the way American’s see America will be a tough road to travel but the fact that we do not have to face it alone will make the trip that much easier to deal with. Much like the old saying of I don’t mind going to hell if I can take my friends with me sort of thought. I’m up for it, are you?


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