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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Obama Has to Fight Back Now and Hard!

Over at the Huffington Post Steve Almond has an open letter to Barack Obama on actually answering John McCain’s political attacks on his campaign for President. I happen to strongly agree with Steve and think that Obama needs to start punching back fast and furious to actually show what kind of President he will be when facing the most devious of attacks as our President.

He can not afford to make the same mistakes of Al Gore and John Kerry against the hard hitting Republican bashing machine. Granted, it is the higher road as a gentleman to ignore the ignorance of a political attack advertisement but this is not a gentleman’s game. This is politics!

Here is an inkling of what Steve Almond had to say…

Let me put this bluntly: you're going to lose this thing if you don't strike back with genuine moral outrage. You're going to get typecast. It's already happening. Every time you try to dignify slander by answering in that reasonable tone of voice it happens a little more.

I get that you're worried out about appearing "too angry," lest you rile up our nation of closet bigots. But just step back for a second: McCain has called you a traitor and a lightweight and a racial whiner. He's trying to turn this into a brawl, because that's his only chance. And you know what? The media is in the tank with him on this. They want a brawl, too. This is why they publicized the unconscionable smears against Gore and Kerry.


And for God's sake debate the guy. Remember: you cream him on policy. So get on a stage with that doddering coot and force him to explain why he said we'd be out of Iraq in months, and why he wants to extend Bush's tax cuts for millionaires, and why he's lying to Americans about off-shore drilling bringing gas prices down. And ask him why Americans should trust him when he's beholden to big oil. And why they should trust him with economic issues given his involvement with the Keating Five. These are all parts of his political record, Barack. He should have to answer these questions. The media isn't going to make him. You have to. The voters will love it. They've been waiting years for Strong and Right to vanquish Strong and Wrong. - Huffington Post

It appears that the Obama campaign is already fighting back at McCain with a radio message to the good folks of Wisconsin based on his votes in the Senate against the U.S. Government purchasing only American made motorcycles like Harley Davidson’s! TPM Election Central has the radio ad posted so check it out. This radio ad totally contradicts Senator McCain and his off the cuff speech at Sturgis, South Dakota. This just prooves out that when in Rome, John McCain will tell you what you want to hear and when in Washington he will do whatever pays the most in campaign donations. Apparently, his staffers neglected to tell the Senator the income level and education background that the majority of Harley owners have. Not everyone owning a Harley attending the Sturgis event is a biker gang member Senator McCain! Maybe he thought that none of the idiot bikers would check out his voting record? All I get out of this speech is that John McCain just talked down to 50,000 bikers at a rally at Stugis, SD and he tossed his own wife into the wet T-Shirt event simply because it was what the crowd wanted to hear. What do you think John and Cindy were talking about that night before bed? I'm guessing that Cindy was doing all the talking and he was apologizing non stop.

Once more John McCain puts his own foot in his own voting record mouth. When at Sturgis, he loves bikers, when in the Senate he hates American made motorcycle manufacturers? There is a pattern building here where the distinguished full of crap Senator from Arizona says one thing and then votes the other way on many issues. Just looking at his track record of voting for Veteran benefits he scores a zero in the Senate. Ask any Veteran how the V.A. is treating them and you will get a singular voice of disgruntled people. Ask a Vet why the V.A. is in such a mess and they don't know? Look at John McCain the super alleged veteran supporter and you see a list of endless votes against Veteran's benefits.

All that Senator Obama needs to do is simply point out the differences of what John McCain says and how he voted in the Senate, that is all he has to do and the White House is Obama’s for the taking. Obama does not even have to plagiarize from Wikipedia like the McCain camp has done recently on the issue of the Russia and Georgia war. Apparently, the Senator from Arizona that boasts about being worldly knowledgeable needed a few pointers and then some from Wikipedia. Maybe McCain’s staffers could not get hold of the Senate research office, or the phones over at the State Department were busy, and this is a far stretch, Connie Rice was in the middle of a manicure and could not take Senator McCain’s phone call? Plagiarizing Wikipedia for current world event facts? Bush league and no pun intended! Over at Political Insider they have these facts to prove out McCain quoted Wikipedia almost verbatim…

Time to gear up Senator Obama and put the gloves on. It’s politics and the time to throw the punches are the moment you open your eyes in the morning! If you want the White House then fight for it and show the people that you can dish it just as bad if not worse than your opponent. Don’t sit back like Gore and Kerry did and do nothing when the mud is thrown at the wall. All McCain needs is just a few throws at the wall to stick and have you do nothing in return to win this race for President. It takes some serious guts to throw back that mud and it pays off in the poll numbers when your message sticks better than all the lies and mistruths that McCain could ever launch. The truth is on your side, throw it fast and furious and put McCain on the non stop defensive mode. It's as simple as that.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the sentiment that Obama must fight back. If you want to beat a Republican you've go to fight like one. Is it ok to kick a Republican when he's down? Damn right. Kick him, then shit on him, then kick him for stinking. They do it to us all the time.

11:47 PM  

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