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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Al Franken Gas Price Plan

Although gas prices have backed away from the $4.00 per gallon bench mark gasoline still has a long way to go to be affordable again for most American’s. As of today’s date, the cost for a barrel of oil is at $115.10 according to FT.Com. That is still double what most American’s can comfortably afford and with the coming winter, with far too many homes heated by oil, it will be a budget buster for everyone in the middle and lower classes of America.

While the Republican’s in Congress are invading an empty House of Representatives on summer vacation and screaming about an energy plan now for America they are refusing to face the fact that the price of oil is market driven and not supply driven. Saudi Arabia is not having a problem meeting supply, Hugo Chavez is not having a problem meeting oil supply demand? The same thing goes for every oil producing nation in the world. The only people that are having a problem with the price of oil and the supply of it is the many people and big oil businesses that benefit with record prices for oil and profit reports never seen before in the oil markets. Canceling loop holes for greedy investors on Wall Street is what needs to be done and Al Franken who is running for the Senate in Minnesota is 100% correct in thinking that tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR) is the beginning of the path needed to take to see gas prices drop dramatically!

Over at the Star Tribune based in Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota they have this on Al Franken and his realistic opinion on dropping gas prices at the pump…

To lower gas prices, Franken proposes selling oil from reserves

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman's campaign disputes that the move would do much to ease pain at the pump.

Last update: July 28, 2008 - 7:44 PM

With Minnesotans squeezed at every turn by high fuel prices, DFL U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken pumped his own energy proposals on Monday while taking another swipe at rival U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman.

Franken said the United States should sell 50 million barrels of crude oil from its Strategic Petroleum Reserve between now and Election Day -- a move that he said would lower gas prices, generate revenue and deflate the speculator bubble that has helped send oil prices skyward.

Coleman, he said, refused last week to back legislation that would have lowered speculation and instead supports offshore oil drilling that Franken said would take 20 years to affect gas prices.

"People are hurting now," Franken said Monday at a news conference outside a St. Paul gas station, accusing Coleman of setting a Minnesota senatorial record for the most donations from oil companies.

Coleman spokesman Mark Drake said that the reserves are for emergencies and that little would be gained from such a sell-off. The United States consumes oil at the rate of 20 million barrels daily. Tapping the reserves, Drake said, would make an "incremental difference" in gas prices.

Drake said that Coleman supports increases in offshore oil drilling and nuclear, wind and "clean coal" power, and voted against last week's speculator proposal because it lacked an offshore provision.

Franken said that he supports renewable energy but that oil prices have risen to a crisis level, warranting a release from the reserve. Previous sell-offs under Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton lowered prices by as much as a third, he said.
- Star Tribune

I’m all for Al Franken’s plan and if the prices don’t drop to $2.50 a gallon or lower we should release another 50 million barrels! The cost of oil is killing the American Plastic industry and in doing so killing millions of hard earned jobs that can be outsourced to China where the cost of oil is offset by a government that regulates pricing to make its industry almost impossible to compete with.

Investing in America’s future means investing in alternative energy sources Al Franken has that thought and more built into his plan which also includes funds to insulate northern states homes to help them save on the high cost of heating in the coming winter.

If you think Norm Coleman is going to save Minnesota from the oil busting business on Wall Street then you need to look at his voting record and his current campaign financing. Norm Coleman has been a Bush clone long before McCain even thought it was “Hip”. When push comes to shove, Coleman has pushed the interest of American’s to the curb and his reward for doing so was noticed by his latest campaign contributors.

If you want to save money on next winters heating bill or the bottomless pit of your checking account and the gas tank of your car then vote for Al Franken and someone that will actually do something to CHANGE our nations energy policies! Even if you don’t live in Minnesota, send the guy five dollars to help him kick Coleman’s butt come November.

Enough is enough of this family values crap! All of the crew following George Bush make Tony Soprano look like a freaking saint! Smile in your face as they screw you over just one more time. Enough is enough protecting millionaires and the idiotic thought that trickle down economics actually works.

Somebody call Myth Buster’s and have them do a show on it and maybe then people will actually see the screwing over they are getting!

My thanks go out to the Gun Toting Liberal once more for inspiring me to write this post based on his post on Al Franken talking to just one Veteran for over an hour at an event. A must read if you ask me.


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