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Monday, August 18, 2008

McCain Deception at Saddleback Church

Rick Warren holds in his hands and his church the thoughts of many Evangelical voters. The people following his church, Saddleback Faith, his reputation as a leader in that faith is now in question if the responses to a closed question and answer session of both Presidential candidates is ever proven out that John McCain was prompted on any of the answers to the questions. Devout honesty is paramount in this type of question and answer session. Cone of silence aside, as Rick Warren promised had been compromised and the MSM press is all over it like a fire ants nest disturbed. Obama was set up and Rick Warren is hiding something. That something is the truth and the fact that he wanted Obama to look like a near do well, and his prefered candidate a star.

Evangelicals should be very wary of a man like John McCain that declares his faith is in the same corner as their belief, but when an opportunity to lie and deceive people presents itself he grasps it as if it were gold. Lies, deception, and anything you want to hear is in the McCain campaign mantra that if an edge presents itself that it can somehow be garnished by answering questions that Senator McCain was not supposed to hear, then John McCain will take it. Answers that Senator Obama gave to the same questions honestly and thoughtfully were allegedly prepared for Senator McCain and this is outrageous! Over at the Huffington Post they are questioning McCain’s responses…

I must admit that listening to McCain answer Pastor Rick Warren's questions so quickly and glibly last night at the Saddleback Faith Forum made me wonder if he somehow knew them in advance. He was so confident, so concise. But I put the thought aside as unduly paranoid -- that is until a few minutes ago. I was routinely checking my favorite election website and the webmaster, Nate Silver, referred to a piece in Daily Kos about the whereabouts of John McCain for the first thirty minutes of Senator Obama's interview with Rick Warren. Was he in a cone of silence? Perhaps not. - Huffington Post

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC raised this ruckus and I happen to think that she is right. John McCain never does well on off the wall comments and usually stumbles in all of his replies. Yes, both of the candidates were given a heads up by Rick Warren on what the subjects were going to be about but there was no knowledge of the exact questions before the event at Saddleback. Somebody is lying and this You Tube video slams the door shut. John McCain was fully aware of the questions to be asked, most likely prompted on the responses to give, and his opponent Barack Obama was totally in the dark.

How did John McCain with his upfront personality answer the questions that were supposed to be asked answer them so quickly on education? He couldn't have unless he knew ahead of time what they were going to be. Tell me I’m wrong! Tell me that you would vote for a person that would rather lie, deceive, cheat, steal, and rather lose his own soul just to win an office job in the White House. Power is a strong motive and motivation based on shadows of the truth is not and can not be the American way. Never!

We can look back on our own American history and be proud of George Washington our first President, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan all as Presidents that contributed so much to what it means to be an American today. You may or may not agree to any of their politics but shame or regret was never in their minds while President. Their work as President was not about them at all, it was about building America to be a better nation.

Can we honestly look at John McCain as a Presidential contender that has morphed himself into George W. Bush, one of the least popular Presidents in American history? An administration of the White House where lies have superseded the truth more times than not? You decide, it’s your vote!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reverend McCain named four Supreme Court Justices, as opposed to Obama's sole reference to Clarence Thomas, whom he felt would better serve in some other capacity. What he failed to note is that he voted for all four of them.
Frodo believes that we might consider changing Reverend McCain's name to "Andy Panderer."

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you were to play the full clip you would see that he had ask him the question on education previous to what you show here and afterwards he said "Of course, we want to hear your stump speach on education." to which McCain answered "Yes, Yes ... etc." because his "stump speach" on education is that "yes" we should have vouchers, "yes" we should have charter schools, etc. When he gave the short version of his stump speach it surprised Rick Warren and he said "you answered so fast!" McCain than elaborated on his stump speach and what he meant by "yes, yes..." Who is leaving out fact and spreading deception? I'd say whomever created this webblog! Please download the full version and view it for yourselves everyone.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Provide a full link or transcript and I'll post it. I don't for one minute think that McCain is innocent of deception at all. Anyone that works with Karl Rove as an advisor to his campaign for President should be very aware that Rove policy dictates deception and smoke and mirror politics.

Given the fact that McCain was in fact in transit during the first half hour of Obama's question and answer session of this event at Saddleback Church, I would find it hard to believe that he was not well prepared for the questions Obama faced honestly.

8:07 PM  

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