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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Obama in Afghanistan

One of the things that I think people see is the extreme difference of personal interaction between Presidential candidates. John McCain is the old uncle that likes children, loves family, enjoys a good time but he is not a people person. Over on the other side is a young man, with a very young family, loves children and people, very energetic, and to the dismay of the McCain Camp very interactive with the troops in Afghanistan. Then to top it off he does not mind a hug or two from the troops in the field in return.

For the record, I didn’t know that Obama has a dead eye shot at a free throw in basketball. Don’t even think of going racist on that sentence and if you do, grow the hell up! I wish I had his abilities on the court. Check the Video out here at this link if the one below does not work for you. Barack nails it from the three point zone!

Over at YouTuBe they have this interesting video on Obama’s current visit to the troops in Afghanistan. One thing you will notice watching this video is the lack of the suit coat or rolled up sleeves that most politicians use to show ampathy, the lack of the troops being held back from him, and most importantly how much they simply love Barack Obama. He is a rock star among the military in country and that speaks volumes onto itself.

As you read this article, Senator John McCain is at WalMart buying a sweat suit and planning his next trip to Afghanistan to visit not just the General's but maybe touch the flesh and maybe hug a vet, (Photo Op only and the selection process is going to be vetted by the White House I'm sure) in the war zone. Then again that touches into the icky factor for McCain? Maybe there will not be hugs for McCain, but the sweat suit shot will be cool?

One thing is certain, the Obama trip to the war zones is going far better than ever expected. That in itself shows that he has what it takes by far to be the next President of the United States of America.

Rock on Obama, rock on!


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