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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Politics and Hillary

When it comes to politics and your name is on the ballot there is no female or male distinction on the actual ballot. Democrat, Republican, or Independent, those are the top three initials that will appear next to the candidates name. In politics your life, your history, and your entire past is luggage that you bring to the ballot whether you think it is fair or not. No topic in your public life is out of bounds. No political candidate for President should ever be immune from this process.

There is an inkling of fear in the MSM when it comes to confronting Hillary Clinton on the issues and pushing her just too far on the issues. Voters might see the reporting as bashing all woman and it is not. In some circles it is labeled as hitting a woman and abuse of the candidate but in politics it is and should be all about facing the hard questions even if she is a woman. There is also the thought out there since the near sob fest in New Hampshire that Hillary is out of bounds for the tough line of questions lest she cry. That is bull and if you think she can not face the same questions as Obama and Edwards then you are living a lie. A MSM politically generated lie.

Any candidate running for the highest office of the land is going to be vetted by the press and that is how we as a people decide who we will vote for. No matter what political party you are running from the bashing will come from every corner and it should be expected by all of the candidates. All of them need to be vetted and tears or near tears is not something that gives you a fast pass or fast track to the White House.

If the MSM is going to give Hillary a pass then they should do the same for the Black guy too! God forbid we offend African Americans on asking Barack Obama about issues concerning race relations in America. I personally can not speak for Senator Obama but he would probably tell the questioner that fear of your neighbor simply because of the color of their skin is wrong. Racism is not about the color of ones skin but the thought process and stereo type in your own mind. Get over it. Get real and hug a person that just happens to be black.

We can not piss off the Evangelical’s as well. Asking any candidate that puts God over country is way out of bounds and Huckabee gets a free get out of jail card. So do the parolee’s that he let loose on Arkansas. Forgive and forget or is it forgive and let them kill again?

If Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to run for President of the United States then her entire record and everything she has done that is good or bad is fair play in the press and in the bloggosphere. This is politics, this is America, this is where the election process goes and the people decide who will be the next President by asking tough questions and you better have a damn good response if you want thier vote.

Hypocrisy in reporting on all of the candidates can be looked at from many angles by the readers of the mains stream media. People are not idiots and soft questions to any candidate will be viewed as soft reporting and thus we have the bloggosphere. Real opinions from real people that speak from the heart. No canned speeches here from this political writer by any means.

Hillary Clinton has taken this political campaign for President out of the context of what it should be. The Clinton political machine lives and its latest plan is setting back womans equality back to the Archie Bunker days. Don’t attack my positions because I am a woman, I am fragile, but I want to be President of the most powerful nation in the world is wrong. That is not the route she should take simply because it weakens woman all across America that have fought so hard to get woman to where they are today. Politics and near tears do not mix. Either you are the toughest woman on the stage or you are the weakest link of American politics. Only Hillary can answer that question and the media needs to ask whatever questions we as voters might think important for the continuation of the Presidency.

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