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Saturday, January 05, 2008

White House for Sale

Somebody check the Century 21 listings, I swear that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is on the market. By the looks of the offers in on this pristine address the price for the this strategic location is going into the hundreds of millions of dollars. In political home ownership it is all about location, location, and location.

As much as I love politics I detest the way it is paid for. Most of us political junkies that actually vote in large numbers can not attend a $500 or $1000 a plate dinner to support any candidate. We have to settle for the best that we can do and nuke a frozen dinner while flinging a stream of expletives at the opponents commercials on the boob tube.

One thing is certain though, some of these candidates have grass roots behind them and some of them have large, huge, mega huge businesses supporting them. For the most part they are all guilty of taking big money donations but that is part of the process that is built into being elected President. Is it not ironic that the upper classes of America (Royal’s) are donating so much to the probable winners of the election process. Even hedging your bets is not out of bounds when it comes to getting influence at the White House with the next President of the United States of America.

What is a political realtor to do but follow the money and the New York Times has this to say about it…

Iowa Victories Scramble the Money Game, Too

Published: January 6, 2008

Victories by Senator Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee in Iowa have not only upset political calculations, they have also upset the money game and spurred a growing flood of donations for these candidates while making fund-raising trickier for the rest.

Mr. Huckabee, a former Republican governor of Arkansas who ran a campaign with minimal resources, now finds more money flowing his way. As he jetted to New Hampshire from Iowa, money began to show up, click by click over the Internet — a total of $350,000 by the time he had landed at dawn. By Thursday, the campaign hopes to have an online total of $1 million in fresh cash.

The one-day surge comes on top of a rise in donations that has coincided with Mr. Huckabee’s improving political fortunes. In the last quarter of 2007, as his campaign began to take off, Mr. Huckabee took in $5 million, after raising $2.3 million in the first nine months of the year. Mr. Huckabee has scheduled fund-raisers in Texas and Florida, and his campaign has said it is getting so many requests from supporters to hold fund-raisers that it cannot schedule them all.

“I have a feeling that after tonight,” Mr. Huckabee said on Fox News on the night of his Iowa victory, “we’re going to see a huge surge in fund-raising because up until now, people said, ‘Well, we would give to you but we’re not sure you can win.’ Now they’re thinking, he already has, and he is winning.”

Snip a contribution

In some cases, Democrats who supported Mrs. Clinton out of loyalty or conviction or because they felt she could win are now taking another look at Mr. Obama, Mr. Kramer said. Donors with enough resources can hedge their bets by giving the maximum $4,600 for the primary and general races to both Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton.
- New York Times

First thought I have is for Governor Huckabee. Don’t sell that double wide trailer yet Reverend. If you win the office of President you might be able to park it on the front lawn of the White House but the neighbors over at the Smithsonian might complain. Snobby know it alls are like that in the nations capitol. Then there are those busy bodies over at the FBI and CIA that are always looking in your trailers windows. Very poor neighbors but great for neighborhood security. Most of the time good for neighborhood security if you take 9/11 out of the equation.

As for Barack Obama the race is not over and do not get a big head over winning Iowa alone. New Hampshire is not Iowa. Live Free or Die isn’t on the license plates of every car just because it is a catchy phrase. They actually believe in it and live it. Big government is bad and not a reflection on your liberal agenda. You sure you want the White House Barack? Latest trends are that the place has gone down hill with little support from the American people who own it to fix it up or even renovate. Absentee land lords are like that from what I hear. Are you sure Barack that you want to move into this house with all the problems it has now?

We can not discount the Co-Presidency attempt by Hill and Bill Clinton. Why they want to buy the Presidency back again is beyond belief. Didn’t they sell it out to the current slum lord? Some reports say that Hillary wants her damn drapes back and that is the only reason she is running for the office. Other rumors are that Bill thinks Monica still works there. I can not confirm either rumor but that is the way things go in politics.

Al Gore was looking to buy it from the Clinton’s some years ago but some legal problems at the last minute had his hopes dashed. Apparently, the Supreme Court decided he could not afford the mortgage even though his vote income more than met the criteria for home ownership. Al Gore, the first victim of our nations mortgage lending crisis, bookmark this page because you heard it hear first. He and Tipper were evicted and foreclosed on. Al Gore packed up his truck and moved back to Tennessee to forget America forever.

Getting back to my rant, it is simply disgusting that it will take two hundred million dollars plus to occupy the oval office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That price is a direct reflection on who really owns our nation and it is no longer Joe Six Pack and his 2.3 kids. Next time you fill up your tank start humming “Hail to the Chief” and fork over the $3.00 a gallon with a smile. Tell me which one of any of the candidates has pumped their own gas recently and then you have someone that knows what Joe Six Pack and his 2.3 kids are trying to budget for but can not.

Maybe we need rent control for the White House because nobody ever stays more than eight years? Then again maybe we need to get private funds out of our election process and put candidates that will actually serve all of the people in office. Take the money out and you will actually have people elected to the Presidency that are not beholden to the money that elected them. Would that not be a true change in American politics. This post courtesy of and thank you George W. Bush aka King George W who sold us all out to the highest bidder and enriched his inner circle! Change is coming and its one election away.


Originally posted at Papamoka Straight Talk

Cross posted at Michael Linn Jones and Bring IT ON!

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