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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"Ask Not What I Will Do For MY Country; Ask What My Country Can Do For Me"...Hillary Clinton's Mantra



Hillary Rodham Clinton has now won the New Hampshire Primary. 8,000 voters put her 3% over Barack Obama. The MSM, despite pulling another 1948 poll debacle, is continuing its sandbox gossiping. Mainly by not concentrating on a few facts.

It was NOT a two-person race. John Edwards pulled 48,000 votes. Bill Richardson, 13,000. It is a fair question to ask what the result would have been if those two candidates' voters had only Clinton or Obama to choose from.

However, Hillary Clinton is back in the saddle, thanks to something that while not exactly intangible, doesn't smell so good. In fact, it stinks. Maureen Dowd hit the nail on the head when she wrote:

Her argument against Obama now boils down to an argument against idealism, which is probably the lowest and most unlikely point to which any Clinton could sink. The people from Hope are arguing against hope.

Dowd is among many who have questioned the whimpering "woe is me" scene that showed Clinton as "human." So Holy mother of pearl, after all these years the iron maiden produces tears in public. All I saw was an iron maiden who can produce tears.

For the core remains, and that core is so Clintonesque, so predictable, that I have a hard time with people not seeing it. Bill and Hillary Clinton are political siamese twins; inseparable, joined at the hip in a life-long pursuit of political office and the power (and money) that accompany it. They are particularly skilled at converting YOUR hope into their goals.

Here's what's really weird about our political situation as it stands: the Republican Party is far to the right of where it was 40 years ago. Thanks to the Democratic Leadership Council and the Clintons, the Democrats are far to the right of what they were 40 years ago.

So in essence, Hillary Clinton is a moderate Republican wanting to be president. But there are exceptions; there always are. When it comes to authoritarianism and using the power of the state to control the private lives of citizens, then Clinton is on the barricades with the rest of the self-righteous Constitution shredders.

The pundits are saying that women put Clinton over the top; that gender is a factor. Some hint that there might be a "closet" anti-black vote in New Hampshire also. I do take hope that in lily-white Iowa race did not matter. And being so close to Dr. King's birthday, and the unfortunately beaten into the ground "I have a dream" speech, it IS worth remembering his words on content of character instead of the color of one's skin.

Or their gender. To ignore character is foolish and a great disservice to the republic. And voters should take a long, hard look at the choices they have, while they still have them.

This nation is heading for the shallows, if not the shoals. Rough times are ahead, and if the Democrats nominate a candidate who cannot stop thinking of themselves long enough to think of their country, then God help us all.

One thing is for sure; Hillary Clinton may have shed a few tears in New Hampshire, and those tears may have garnered her those critical 8,000 votes. But once she is seated in the Oval Office not one tear will she shed for four years.

No, you and I will be the ones crying.
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