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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

McCain and NH Victory Speech Doubt

Somebody tell me that they thought John McCain was totally blown away that he actually won New Hampshire just by the way he gave his victory speech. He was no more prepared for the win than a new bride is for her divorce papers two days after the ceremony. Senator McCain read his entire speech from freaking cue cards that he brought to the stage with him. Cue cards that he probably found in an old forgotten election in New Hampshire. I’m sure there was a few lines that were crossed out or written over but it was the worst speech of the night.

I simply could not get past that he kept his eyes down reading from the cards and would look up when he read three or four words ahead and back down went his head. It happened throughout his entire speech! It was the worst possible performance coming from a man that just kicked Governor Mitt Romney’s ass.

Having watched John Edwards give his speech from the losers but winners circle he spoke from his heart and you could feel the connection. The heart and pulse of his election was in his personal words mixed in with his points on why folks in other states with elections coming up should not count him out. He isn’t giving up and it was there in his words, his heart felt conviction that there is still hope for his candidacy. Not from cue cards but from the gut.

Same thing with Governor Huckabee, thanking friends and supporters and all the people of New Hampshire. Good old Huckabee was impressed that we New Englanders actually knew what hospitality is? All the time Mike Huckabee was in full eye contact with the crowd and his supporters, no cue cards, just Huckabee telling the folks of New Hampshire how glad he was he discovered them to be… um… people. Southerners, in Huckabee’s opinion have a very wrong opinion of us New Englanders. Somebody should tell him that we stopped burning witches centuries ago but with the current cost of home heating prices it might come up on a ballot somewhere. No offense to witches or Wican life intended.

Then we had the stadium speech from Barack Obama and yet a continued message of hope for the next day, the next race, and he spoke with conviction from his heart to the people in the stadium. One of the many differences of the Obama speech was all the people at his concession location. He has the wave going and he needs to rock it forward and get the younger voters as well as the older voters motivated to actually vote. He’s making it rough for Hillary but she is making it just as rough for him with a well placed near tear sob.

All of the other candidates talked from the hip with the emphasis that they were there and connected to the people of New Hampshire. I have to admit I see a little of JFK and FDR in Obama because he isn’t selling fear, desperation, anger, hate or even outright rage. His speech to the folks of New Hampshire was thankful and full of hope. Not many are offering that and that is why he will do well across America. He may have lost the vote count but Hillary and Barrack both walked out of New Hampshire with the same result. Two votes for the convention. End result is a tie.

John McCain, I still don’t get why he didn’t shoot from the hip and speak his mind. It was almost as if he had to be somewhere else in less than thirty minutes and he found a speech that would get him to the airport on time. Key phrases only, stop the crowd from cheering too loud so you don’t loose your place, more key phrase like love of country, patriotism and keeping America safe. The whole speech sounded like he had not written it himself and he bought it from a very poor political speech writer. Not many checks cashed for that speech writer I’m sure.

I won’t comment on Hillary’s speech because the race was to close to call and McCain’s speech was better than a sleeping pill. I went to bed just shaking my head.

One last thought on the outcome of New Hampshire is the Independent voters of the state. New Hampshire has over forty percent Independent voters and they can pick and choose which party to vote in the primary. That is why the polls were all wrong across the board. Throw out the race card from Chris Matthews and all the political hype on why Hillary won or McCain won. The Independent’s tossed the vote into never never land simply because New Hampshire is the Live Free or Die state.

Next state elections, Nevada, Michigan and South Carolina. Let’s see who shows up and what spin they have as a candidate in each state. It’s amazing to see the candidates on the right lean extreme right in the South and then try and hide it in the northern states.

This election has not even started as yet and we have the next phase of playing to the political base of each party coming up. Then we have the fun of watching all the main stream media and political polls getting it wrong again.


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