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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Electing a President has begun

Thankfully, the rising sun in the east will gradually warm our nation to hope over desperation with the eventual replacement of King George in the White House. No offense to all our British friends intended. Here in America, since 9/11, we have been living under a dictator that even an election that replaced political leadership in both houses of Congress did not deter the President. Signing statements continue and future generations will see his laws stricken down as un-constitutional.

History will prove out that George Bush was the worst President of all time simply because he thought he was omnipotent and without question. He is the third rail of Republican politics and you do not see too many advertisements with him hugging the candidates from his own political party do you? He is the equivalent to the persona non grate in the (stolen) election of Al Gore for President where Bill Clinton could not step on the welcome mat because he was never invited. While Bill Clinton sold out the respect of the office he served, George W. Bush sold out his nation to the highest bidder. No matter what good they each have or had done as President, the perception is the rule.

We as a nation need hope and for that matter many of the current candidates for President do not deserve even remotely the chance at serving in an office that represents you and I to the world. If you want to send your sons and daughters off to war for the next eight plus years then by all means vote for a candidate that thinks King George is right! Make sure you have a huge cemetery plot picked out because any war in the Middle East will take a couple thousand years to settle. History is funny that way. Fight them there or fight them here works till there is nobody left here to send there. It’s a fanatical religious war that has been going on since the times of Jesus Christ and it is not going to end any time soon. Supporting our military to protect our shores and not some desert goat grazing argument between feuding tribes is questionable with some of these candidates for President. Top three MSM dictated winners from both parties are clueless but rhetoric buys votes.

Who has a plan that makes sense to get our nation back to what matters at home? You have to ask yourself if your opinion can be bought and if so for what price? Can your vote be bought in one breath and your rights sold in the next sales pitch as an American citizen? You can read in the papers every single day the amount of self esteem that the big three of each party are willing to sell. Character is replaced by what you want to hear but the truth is not. The truth never goes away no matter how you try to bob and weave around it. It’s like serving fried fish for dinner on Friday. Somehow it still lingers in the house on Monday. How can you vote for a person that is supposed to support all of the American people when they blow off one states voters to fight for another states on yet another day?

It’s amazing how the comparison of many of the top three leaders advertisements is so much like buying sliced deli meats at the supermarket. You can buy the mass produced product that was sliced months ago with a use buy date or you can vote for quality deli meat that you saw sliced and delivered to your hand one on one. It isn’t pre packaged and you have to buy what they tell you that you need, you can pick what you want. The top three in both parties are those pretty packages of meat and the rest are sliced to your liking as an American. I recommend custom cut slices and only the amount I need.

This post is being written during the Iowa Caucus, I have no clue who will come out the winner or loser in the race for President but I can hope that the folks of Iowa saw through the sales pitch of the top three from each party and tossed them all to the curb. That may not be what happens but it is the process that has begun to replace the Dictator in Chief. That I am truly thankful for.


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