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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Iowa, New Hampshire and Biden News

Seeing how all of the main stream media television is for the most part delegating Joe Biden’s run for President to the last sentence in every single news broadcast then I guess it is up to the “New Media” to really report the facts. Joe Biden is forming a wave of support and frankly I do not believe that even his own campaign knows that the Biden Tsunami is coming. Much like a Tsunami, the tremors and shocks of the earthquake from all over the United States on the internet and all the blogs supporting him will hit Iowa alone on January 3rd.

Could I offer you a list of blogs writers that are supporting Joe Biden? I can think of four not including myself that have thrown up videos, did posts on or mentioned him as the only person worth voting for in the next Presidential election. That is just my little part of the blogging world. We are breaking three thousand visitors a month here at Papamoka Straight Talk. This is all free media and advertising for Joe Biden, we are not getting paid for this effort and we do not want his money. That is not the case with every single newspaper or television station in Iowa or New Hampshire. You can tell by the major evening news stations that Biden is not spending his hard earned campaign donations with them. “Oh and Joe Biden was in Iowa today.” HUH?

Here is what is really happening according to the Joe Biden camp…

The estimated 250 people at Biden's campaign rally cheered and waved signs, manufactured and homemade, in a scene more typical of the events of Democratic front-runners. "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm gonna shock the hell out of you," Biden said over the din of a cheering crowd Saturday night in an uncharacteristically short speech. He spent less time selling himself and more time answering questions from the audience.

In a working-class city with a strong Irish and Catholic influence, Biden appeals to people, said Teri Goodmann, Iowa co-chairwoman for Biden's campaign. "In spite of people's desire to have the first African-American, the first woman, the first Hispanic, the reality of our lives is that we have a tremendous demand right now in this job for someone who has experience in foreign relations," she said."
- Des Moines Register

Then there is this one…

Take, for example, the Joe Biden event I attended last night in Council Bluffs, about ten minutes after I drove out of the Omaha airport. At least 150, maybe 200 people gathered in an Elks Lodge, during the dinner hour, on a week night with the thermometer reading 18 degrees to hear...Joe Biden! And it was vintage Biden....This went on for two hours and came to an end only when Brother Jim had to literally drag the candidate to a waiting car. At no point did the audience grow restless or bored. After each answer, five or six more hands shot up. The interest was avid and, in fact, Biden's biggest applause line of the night had nothing to do with the usual sort of pandering, bur rather when he vowed that in a Biden administration he would outlaw all forms of torture." - Huffington Post

And then this…

To complicate matters today, the ground in central Iowa was blanketed with snow by early morning, and the highways surrounding Des Moines were littered with cars that had slid off the road. But about 100 people crowded into a public library meeting room to listen to Biden speak.

"He's an honest, good man. He tells it like it is," said Glenda McIntire of Waukee, Iowa. She said she's a long-time supporter. "It's been uphill all the way, but the first time we met here we probably had 15 people. When I see him in person I get revved up again."
- Guardian Unlimited (UK)

Or this on the MSM just ignoring Biden even exists...

Immediately after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto the front page story in the Washington Post about Pakistan and the presidential campaign did not even mention Joe Biden, the only candidate who seriously distinguished himself on the Pakistan crisis.

Upon reflection, the Washington Post editorial page, which has supported Bush on the Iraq war as Pravda supported Leonid Brezhnev, followed up with a lead editorial on candidates and Pakistan, which, incredibly, did not even acknowledge of Joe Biden.

Here is why the major media, including the daily newspapers, has lost such credibility with the American people and in the case of insider print media, so many subscribers who moved their business to internet sites, including this one. - The Liberal Journal

This is going to be an uphill battle to get the word out for Joe Biden by January 3rd but it is not a mountain. We can all do this and if you can’t stand the main stream appointed front runners on the Democrat side of the process then by all means speak up loud and clear. One of the things that I love about Biden besides all of his life experience, political experience and personal candor is the where the majority of the money for his campaign is coming from. Ten bucks here, fifteen bucks here and twenty bucks from over here. There are not to many thousand dollar a plate dinners scheduled in his past or current campaign. That speaks volumes as to whom is really behind the Biden campaign and it isn’t Wall Street or special interest groups. I’m off to box up a couple of dozen rolls of paper towels for the Biden Tsunami in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Bloggers for Biden, leave a link in the comment section and I’ll toss up a Bloggers for Biden list in the sidebar of this site. And for those of you who think the other candidates running for President are not scared of Joe Biden then you have to see this amazing video from YouTube.

Catch the wave and surf it out all the way to the White House in 2009! Four out of five Dentist recommend Joe Biden. Bill Gates will pay you $1000 if you forward this post to ten friends. And some guy in Africa is willing to give me a piece of the action on $30,000,000 from his deceased fathers uncle who was some big wig in the government and all the money he embezzled we can split. Okay, I made up the Dentist thing, the Gates payment and the millions from Africa but you can believe in Joe Biden. That is a sure thing! Check him out at


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Blogger Just Wondering said...

Papamoka, you know I'm in!

Vim and Vinegar.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Got ya JW @ V&V

2:27 PM  
Anonymous stef said...

amen! biden needs those caucus votes and I hope the good, practical people of iowa get it right because america needs a leader like joe biden.

here are some videos I made to show my support: (and go joe!)


6:22 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Do you have a web site other than YouTube Stef?

10:37 PM  
Anonymous stef said...

not at the moment i'm afraid! well unless you mean i'm certainly on there enough times a day! keep up the great work. stef

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Frodo said...

Frodo has been a Biden fan since that terrible night in the 70's. Biden meets all of Frodo's criteria for confronting the foreign policy needs of our nation. Frodo however, still remembers the debacle of the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings, and how Joe Biden simply lost control.
Four years ago, Frodo wondered what happened to all the bright, shining stars like Harris, Tsongas, Lindsay, Tunney, and yes, even Sam Nunn. Now Frodo looks to the heavens, and finds Edwards, Biden, Obama, and yes, even Mrs.Clinton.
Frodo is an Obama guy, and there are many esoteric reasons why. Joe Biden will always be someone whom Frodo admires, and hopes will kick Condi Rice out of the chair that is over her head.
Let us be grateful

3:36 PM  
Anonymous BJ said...

Test for BJ

4:13 PM  

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