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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Political Honesty

Politicians are great at telling you what you want to hear all the time. Sometimes when you actually get the chance to meet a real elected politician you can feel the sense of being in the presence of greatness and you should. Then again you have to remember that they use the same damn bathrooms you do and some of them do not wash their hands as often as they should.

We all know that the President has the Congress by the old short gray hairs and his trump card is the military. As much as this President wants to continue his private war in Iraq is just as much the same levity as the Congress wanting to end the war in Iraq. From two perspectives there has to be one and our nations military can not and should not be a pawn in this chess game of millionaires. Moving a Rook to take a Bishop is one thing but having to move the entire chess board to take down the King is another task.

From my perspective the new Congress has no clue how to play the game of chess that is politics and the President is very confident in his game. Just look at all the pieces that he has sacrificed to win his will? There is no piece on the board including the Queen that is not disposable. Pelosi and Reid are playing a weak strategy and the President is taking them out for a walk around the board. Check Mate is not truly in their game plan. Time is what they are counting on and that is a very weak strategy and the President knows it.

While he watches all the players fall around him he will survive because they are not strong enough to win the game that is Washington politics. Just as in chess games by the masters in the middle of play you are not thinking about your next move but ten moves later and that is where the President has the Congress. He is set in his strategy and they are fumbling on what the next move is.

Knight has the King at check mate is not in this Congress ability and President Bush knows it. All of his Pawns that are the Military are the Democrats weakest link and the President has no problem putting them in harms way to protect his spot on the board. It is political suicide to go against our sons and daughters in battle and Bush knows it and lives it.

Pieces on the chess board sacrificed by President Bush are numerous but the will of the voting people of America is stronger than the Presidency. That is one move he never planned on.

Pawn takes King.

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