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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Michael Linn Jones

My good friend and former co-writer over at the Gun Toting Liberal has more or less given birth to his own blog and web site. Michael is a great political writer and I highly recommend that you check his works out as often as you can. I've linked to his site here and I highly encourage you to do so as well.

Michael has allowed me the good graces to put a few of his pieces here on my site and let me tell ya his writing is phenomenal. If you have ever read his works in the past from the Gun Toting Liberal then you know his style and clever historical wit that seems to be very much relevant with anything going on political today.

On a scale of one to ten as far as true well written bloggers go I would give Michael Linn Jones a 9.5. My .5 deduction is a private religious debate that he and I love to joke around about. I'm still keeping my .5 till he changes his!!!

Check his site out and you will never be disapointed...


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