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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Don Imus the Not so Perfect Racist Monster

Many folks are bashing Don Imus for his racist comments forgetting that many of us are just as stupid about racist comments all the damn time. This isn’t just a black American against a white American issue as it is making an example of Don Imus. As much as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would love you to believe that it is the white mans fault for all of African American’s life status that is not the truth about racism in America. The only one that keeps any person down no matter what race or ethnicity you are is you!

Maybe we should be asking ourselves about very prominent and well respected African Americans that pulled themselves up and out of the stigma that our society has placed them in from birth but they have become the establishment. The self righteous and pompous Reverends Sharpton and Jackson are just one example of great men of one ethnicity that have risen above that quagmire. Even if they prefer to wallow in the pointing of fingers at hate crimes to the point of forsaking the good that one individual has done for sick children of your own ethnicity. Both men of the cloth tossing the stones on the damned because it sells their own message. Selling hate is promotion and your reading this simple mans post proves that fact. Imus showed hate with one stupid comment, Sharpton and Jackson smelled the blood in the water and went for the kill and they got it with Don Imus fired. Does that end racism in America? It does not.

Racism is a learned behavior and if you raise your family to think that someone has the right to keep you down and out then that is what your family will become. Archie Bunker and his characters mentality is dead and I hope that America can discuss this issue more so now than ever. Racism is and will be a dividing issue in America and keeping it in the closet is not the answer. Firing a national voice that gets that fact is not the answer either.

When did the African American community elect Jesse and Al as their spokesman? Did Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick check off their names as his voice on his ethnic overall opinion? Did Collin Powell or Conde’ Rice both Secretary of State to the United States Government respectively have a vote making them both the ultimate mouth piece for all African Americans?

I have to wonder if the African American community has been hijacked by the likes of these two reverend's still fighting a battle from a generation ago. Don Imus made for an easy target. A huge target! Mega publicity target!

Ask yourself this question to see how much this matters realistically to you as a person of any ethnic background. Name one young lady on the basketball team that this comment raised national awareness to this level of diversity and disgust? Can’t think of one? What about the teams name?

This whole issue absolutely stinks of a few people making a big noise to make sure they are publicized once more as the self professed leaders of all of our African American friends. And yes I do have African American friends. I don’t see the color of their skin, I see my friends. The people that we celebrate birthdays with, babysit for one another, look out for one another and love one another because they are simply my friend.

Let us get past that Don Imus is a self proclaimed idiot and jerk with his comments on a nationally syndicated broadcast. Who is going to take up the slack? Who is going to badger our Congressional Members and Senators into doing what is right any more? Is Al Sharpton going to do it? Can Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson brow beat Senators to raise the death benefit for our military kids dying in Iraq? Imus did! Can Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson raise the issue and plague that is Autism of our kids to the point where the government actually looks at it and goes Hmmmmm? Imus and his wife did just that! The Imus in the morning show was not all about bashing African Americans. It was about bashing politicians to make them stand up to what the people of America need. Actions were taken up by this man on many issues. He screwed up once and now the Congress and Senate are free to screw us all over even more without someone like the I-Man to call them all to task.

While everyone is sticking a damn fork in Don Imus I think that they should really consider in the decision and the thought process if he is truly a racist. Kids with cancer are his families’ life work and they don’t ask the color of your skin to be a guest at the Imus ranch. My gut tells me that he was stupid for a moment. Isn’t that a shock for a shock jock radio host? I would have to sum up that Don Imus is ultimately a lower level self righteous humanitarian that f’d up once and that was all the ammo that was needed to take him down.

My opinion of the firing of Don Imus by CBS Radio has me wondering if they being the money grabbing whores that are its executives have caved in to the pressure of just two loud mouths that portray themselves as all of African Americans voice. What Imus said once was wrong. So does the baby go out with the bath water because she or he had a dump in it? I honestly don’t believe that Imus is the racist monster that he has been tsunamied into being by the main stream media.

I’m pretty sure that many of the main stream media will not have to hear his bitching about real life issues anymore. CBS made that possible and that is a shame in some respects.

His heart may be true and full of desperation for forgiveness but again I wait for the meeting with the young ladies from the team he so wrongly bashed personally. That will be the opinion I will move forward with. If they choose not to believe him then how can I?

Other folks talking about this issue…

The Populist has a say on this with serious information and contact info:

If you disagree with what CBS Radio has done. Call the following people:

Karen L. MateoVice President, Communications
(212) 846-7638

Whitney Pray Communications Coordinator(212) 846-3906

Dana McClintockSenior Vice President, CBS Communications Group
(212) 975-1077

Should Imus have been fired by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jacksons voice alone? What do you think?

Note: Any racist remarks will be deleted. Constructive arguments pro or con are greatly appreciated.

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Blogger bernie said...

I say that Imus is not the problem with race relations in America - it is the race-baiters like Jacksn and Sharpton. Check out my post Al Sharpton is a Nappy Headed Ho
Excerpt: pray that black people wake up to the fact that this is not 1950 and the enemy is not white people but greedy, self-aggrandizing, publicity-grabbing, money-laundering, drug-dealing, race-baiting, self-loathing black demagogues like Al Sharpton.

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

enough about imus how about some comments about

7:25 PM  

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