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Monday, April 09, 2007

Imus in the Morning Shut Down

People say stupid stuff all the time that they regret later. Most people never apologize to the people they offended and shrug it off. Some people are dangerous enough to realize that a stupid racist remark was even racist and simply walk away from it fat and stupid. Then you have some people that know what a racist remark is and for the rest of their lives will continue to apologize for it. Not one single American is innocent of racism or having uttered the words that should not be heard in a learned society where acceptance of your fellow man is the basis of this great nation.

After this past Sunday which was Easter it surprises me that those that preach the word of Jesus Christ have forgotten his biggest message. Hate the sin and forgive the sinner. What Don Imus and his producer said on the air was disgusting, outrageous and shocking when discussing the athletic abilities of some very talented young American woman playing the national championship in college basketball. I offer no excuse or reason for his comments. The New York times has this to say about it...

Published: April 9, 2007

Imus Suspended for 2 Weeks Over Rutgers Remark

NBC News suspended the radio host Don Imus tonight for two weeks after the outcry over his racially disparaging remarks about the Rutgers University women’s basketball team, calling his comments “racist and abhorrent.”

Only a short time after NBC announced the suspension, CBS Radio, which is Mr. Imus’s chief employer, followed suit, saying it too would take Mr. Imus off the air for two weeks.

The suspensions will take effect starting on Monday.

But NBC, which simulcasts Mr. Imus’s program on its cable news network MSNBC, also served notice that it will not tolerate another insensitive remark from the host. It said that Mr. Imus had promised to change the tenor of the program, and that he agreed the suspension was an appropriate action.

“Our future relationship with Imus is contingent on his ability to live up to his word,” NBC said in an official statement.

The actions come at the end of a day of intensifying pressure on Mr. Imus from black leaders across the country, who expressed outrage at Mr. Imus’s description last Wednesday of the Rutgers team as “nappy-headed ho’s.”

Mr. Imus tried to stave off calls for his resignation by appearing today on a radio program of which the Rev. Al Sharpton is the host and making a more complete apology for what he acknowledged were “repugnant, repulsive, and horrible” comments.
- The New York Times

Let me say this about forgiveness in our churches across America. If you ask for it and are humble and sincere knowing the sin you committed then any priest, preacher or person that follows the life of Jesus Christ should offer it without condemnation. It is a basic human need to know that if you wronged someone, know that it was a mistake, asked for forgiveness, and then it should be given. The comment by Don Imus was ultimately a poor choice of words and they were racist. He is asking for forgiveness and the people he offended refuse to accept it or grant it. That is just as wrong.

The Reverend Al Sharpton accepted a request by Don Imus to appear on the Reverends radio show to offer his explanations for the racist comments and begging to be forgiven, humbling himself before someone that is a supposed leader of his community. Don Imus received a good tongue lashing by the Reverend but forgiveness was not on the table. Why? What the good Reverend did was set him up to be beat up and attacked. Is that the Christian thing to do to a man asking for forgiveness?

Transcript of Imus and Sharpton Radio broad cast - The New York Times

Al Sharpton wanted blood and he wanted it then and now because he wants nothing more than attention. That is what Al Sharpton does. His motive is always the same and his message never changes. There has never been a racist story where Al Sharpton has never pushed, shoved or forcibly inserted someone under the wheels of the bus to draw more attention to him, never. Vanity and self promotion is his name and in my honest opinion he should not have the title of Reverend if forgiveness is not his first priority.

I lost some respect for Don Imus but I live in a large world that has many problems and many people that make mistakes. Don Imus isn’t running from his mistake he is facing it as a man and taking the punches and kicks he himself knows that he deserves. That has to show the sincerity of his actions. He could have pulled a Hollywood nut job move and gone into rehab but hell, he admits to being a recovering drug addict and alcoholic already. The man has a genuine character that is sincere.

If he is sorry and apologetic for his actions then maybe all of us without sin should put down the damn stones. All except you Mother Mary, fire away and make it count for the heathen Bastid’.

What do you think about this issue?

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Blogger Annoyed said...

You expect anything more from the hypocrite Christians in this country? These are the same people that denounce abortion and SUPPORT the death penalty!

Sharpton is the worst type... The type that has never said he was sorry for anything. Let alone the shame that was the Tawana Brawley case in '88.

Two dogs laying together both waking up with fleas today.


4:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why in the world are you trying to somehow tie some blame to Al Sharpton?

Imus asked to come on Al Sharpton's program. I don't think that means that Sharpton is obligated to do anything but listen. He listened.

If Sharpton is such a scum bag, maybe Imus shouldn't have asked Al Sharpton to give him air time.

And calling a team of accomplished black female athletes "nappy headed whores" is nothing but racist.
No Christian is obligated to forgive racism.

What would you have blogged if Sharpton had instead simply refused Imus's request for some air time?

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding. Sharpton is a nappy headed ho!!!!

2:13 PM  

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