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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mayor of Boston Solves Crime and Murder Wave

Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino has brilliantly solved the violent crime wave in his great city in one week’s time by simply pointing out who is truly to blame for all the murders of the children and people of Bean town. Not that this is the great game of Clue and the Butler did it in the kitchen with a hammer. It’s far more complex than that.

The good Mayor put many hours, okay he gave it a few minutes, and he is pointing the finger at the Mafioso, gangbangers and ruthless hit men in the Boston media for it. They are the ones responsible for killing the kids and innocent bystanders in Boston. Reporters by day and yet ruthless murdering Bastid’s by night. Yup, the press is responsible for the endless murderous crime wave in his city.

Think again Mr. Mayor! Are you just NUTSO?

Grieving mothers and fathers should be outraged! Rather than offering even a political bandage to the hemorrhaging of the people suffering under his trust he points the finger at the press for reporting the crimes? And that is common sense from this political hack? How?

You have to not love a politician that knows he is selling the people a bag of goods that even he can not honestly want to buy. I couldn’t write this kind of fiction from the Mayors mouth if I wanted too! The Boston Herald and Laurel J. Sweet have this to say about it…

Menino chides naysayers: Violence ‘not out of control’
By Laurel J. Sweet
Monday, April 2, 2007 - Updated: 01:38 PM EST

Despite a murder rate 60 percent higher than last year’s body count and bloodshed that continued to escalate with a shooting last night, Mayor Thomas M. Menino defiantly denied yesterday that Boston is in crisis, instead blaming the media for negative headlines.

“A lot of people want to believe it’s out of control. It’s not out of control,” Menino assured a packed house at Greater Love Tabernacle in the heart of Dorchester’s shooting gallery, where he was welcomed by thunderous applause.
“This city works. The problem is you’re always seeing headlines about the bad news. I wish we had a good news newspaper. The Good News of Boston. The bad guys don’t control this city, they only control the headlines.”

The Rev. William E. Dickerson II’s Palm Sunday pulpit became Menino’s bully pulpit to blame the media for alarming Bostonians, even as word spread in whispers through the congregation that 18-year-old Dwayne Graham of Hyde Park, repeatedly shot Friday at 3:45 p.m. on board an MBTA bus, had succumbed to his trauma. A man was later shot on Angell Street just outside Franklin Park Sunday night, and is expected to survive.

Graham’s slaying pushed to 16 the number of murders so far this year, compared to 10 on April 1, 2006. Less than four hours after Graham was shot, a yet-unnamed 27-year-old man was gunned down, also in Dorchester.
– The Boston Herald

There was another piece that I wrote over at the Gun Toting Liberal the other day based on the Boston Crime Wave out of Control. That article touched on this Mayors inability to understand that his city is being overrun by violence on every level. The story in The Boston Herald today just backs up my point in the previous post. Is this not the same logic that the Bush people are trying to use on all of America by stating the very same thing on what is really happening in Iraq? Using President Bush’s and Mayor Menino’s logic, people in the press are dangerous folks and are trying to kill us all both in Iraq and in Boston. Is it in their esteemed opinion that the truth is to harsh to be heard by the people most affected by it?

When the people of any given city in America are scared to death to walk the streets at any time during the day or night there is a problem. When your neighborhood is ruled by the local gang then there is a problem. When you long for the respect of the local organized crime families and the respect they had for the cities neighborhoods there is a serious problem. This has become the common story on the local Boston news to hear of stabbings, murders and flagrant crimes that the citizens of the great city of Boston are so terrified of. Law and order is out of control and yet the local police and the Mayor’s office disagree on how to solve it. Budget cuts don’t allow for more cops on the beat and yet they say they have the problem under control.


Boston’s security lies in the hands of the people and if they continue to elect a mayor who does not believe that a crime wave is happening, then they will continue to have to bar the doors, make the children sleep in the basement in case a drive by shooting happens, or just simply move out of the city entirely. The protection of any city’s people lies in the hands of the voters. Keep the status quo or dodge the bullets? Make a choice and vote accordingly.
– Gun Toting Liberal

I would honestly have to say that this Mayor is not only wearing rose colored glasses but the man must have a serious case of cataracts!

Let’s all have the press cover the beautiful flowers grown in the public gardens by our teens but not show the hearses loading up for all the funerals across the city for their peers. Let’s have the press print heart warming and interesting articles on teenagers learning wood shop skills but not show the hearses loading up the pine caskets built by those same kids that some of them just might be buried in. Yuppa, the press is killing the people of Boston and they are doing it with PC’s loaded with 38 caliber fired words. The deadliest ammo known to mankind. For that matter the press is in fact the deadliest weapon any politician can face.

I salute the reporters that do the job right and Laurel J. Sweet has nothing but the facts in this piece. Apparently, Mayor Menino has some spare fairy dust he wants to sprinkle around that happens to be a by product of bovines out to pasture to mask the crime wave in Boston. If you shovel enough of the Mayors fairy dust it just might cover the hearse of the next child killed in Boston. For shame is on you Mayor Menino, a disgusting self proclaimed and self spoken shame.

Sorry Mayor Menino but you are out of touch!

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