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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Is here, He has Risen

Religion is a funny thing. You have to believe in the unknown and accept it on faith. I appreciate all religions because I honestly believe that God accepts us all no matter what faith we follow. We are all of his children and that is what it is.

In the road of life your faith in God will be tested over and over again and you have to have the faith that the challenges presented to you are not just yours alone to get through. Your faith in your God is the same as the Muslim, the Hindu and the Jew. There is no one true God politically, but there is the God of your world that makes you act and behave as a believer in his message. Love of one self should be extended to your fellow man.

In the Christian faith, Jesus died on the cross with great pain and agony for all of our sins. He never asked us to be perfect or without sin. He simply gave his life for ours. That is a hero of our times to appreciate and glorify.

Celebrate life as it is where you are and be thankful for all the gifts you have as a person. Please do not forget that the gifts you have, some people do not. Compassion and forgiveness are part of the Easter and Passover season of holidays.

Talking to God is only a few muscle reactions from your mouth and voice box. Thanking him or her for the bounty you have is not a lot to ask.

Enjoy the festivities that are what Easter is all about, love of family. Partake of it and rejoice in the bounty that has been bestowed on your family.

For Christians it is far to easy to lose the message of Jesus Christ with the marketing of candy and Easter baskets. This is the time to appreciate his sacrifice for us as well.

Shut the damn computer off too! It is Easter Sunday...


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