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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Protecting Children After Rep. Mark Foley

I can not see a more passionate reason for Americans to distrust the Republican Leadership of this Bush Adminsitration than the former Congressman Mark Foley (R) FL handling of his desire to be a predator on young male children in sevice to our government. Rather than speak the truth and say it was wrong to face the facts when they arose Denis Hastert has choosen to hide and dodge the facts that will come out over the next few days.

The terminology of no honor among thieves is wide spread in the Republican Party and eveyone is pointing everywhere else to lay blame. I am so glad to see that! It finally pastes the deception of the last six years all over the media. The party of pure American values is now the party of shame and push it to the back of the closet. Hastert pushed it back, Thomas Reynolds pushed it back, Rodney Alexander pushed it back, John Boehner pushed it back and John Shimkus who ran the page program pushed it back as if it never happened. That tells me that pedophiles have a full run of the administration when so many pushed it to the back of the party politic.

You can hear the crickets on capitol hill from the Democrats side of the isle and for a damn good reason. They are leaving the blame game up to others and frankly I honestly believe that they should be screaming at the top of their lungs how wrong this whole thing is. Honor is fleeting in our nations capitol. Even more so when their is blood in the water. When it is our childrens blood I have a serious issue with the silence.

This issue with the Congressman being a child predator isn't just something that happened this week. This has been going on for years and nobody said a friging word. Nobody talked! Not one Republican called the well known number of 911 for the District of Columbia or maybe asked for the number for the FBI? They sat on the Foley problem and hoped it would go away but it didn't. More deception and more bait and switch once the story broke.

So many people are outraged at this issue that even the folks at Fox are picking up the cross and running with it for the kids.

The winds of change are upon us and we as the other parties have to stand up for America. Child predators and political affiliation is now an issue that is disgustingly now a verifiable and just topic even though anyone with any common sense knows that it is simply wrong.

I'm looking at a Democratic landslide come November. The "R" next to any candidates name is enough to not get the vote seeing the behavior of leaders like Denis Hastert to not accept responsibility for crimes against children when he was informed about it.


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