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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Defending the Children is Common Sense

Politics are what they are and it has the Republican Party covering their tracks as fast as they can when it comes to former Representative Mark Foley of Florida. This is the guy that prayed on children in the House Page program. It turns out that some of the folks on the hill thought it was okay to look the other way when a pedophile walked down the right side of the isle. That was wrong in so many ways. To cover it up for over six long years is even more wrong in so many ways.

Being a child and serving in this program is a great honor to the kids that have been chosen to serve their nation. Powerful men and woman walk the halls of the building that these kids are serving in. Important people that are supposed to be serving the American people and making our nation a better place to live.

Will a child in the pages service question the authority or actions of a Congressmen when their intentions are beyond the call of duty for that child? Well a few have and that is why we have this scum upon our nations capitol. It’s a sick and greasy kind of scum that when you smell it you know that it is sour, spoiled, and a stench that grown men would vomit over.

Denis Hastert didn’t find this stench offensive enough and he isn’t being honest with the American people. If you are told once that a person is having inappropriate behavior with page staffers that is one thing. When you are told repeatedly by several different people in the Congress then you are harboring a terrorist against our children. Denis Hastert, the Speaker of the House covered this up no matter what angle you try to look at this issue. He protected a pedophile over the rights of a child to be just a child.

I would prefer a government of leaders that will defend and protect our children but if Denis Hastert’s idea of leadership is to cover the ass of the pedophiles then he does not need to serve my government anymore. Respectfully, Mr. Hastert should resign and leave the service to his nation and state.

The people of his district that voted him in should take a second look at the shame he has also brought onto them by his failure to protect the kids in the page program.

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