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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Testimony on Mark Foley in Closed Doors?

This is huge on my things that make you go Hmmmmm?

House Ethics Committee investigators Thursday began questioning Kirk Fordham, the ex-chief of staff for former representative Mark Foley, who is expected to testify that he alerted a senior member of Speaker J. Dennis Hastert's staff to Foley's behavior toward teenage male congressional pages in 2003.
Fordham, who arrived with his lawyer, made no comment as the two entered the closed-door session.
- Washington Post

Does it strike you that somebody in Washington D.C. doesn't want the rest of the world knowing what is going on behind closed doors? I smell something but can't put my finger on it? Could it be more of the same with the cover up of the Mark Foley pedophile issue? I wonder. Who made it a closed door session? Why isn't the media allowed in to hear the testimony of this guy or anyone else for that matter.

Is this just more of the same cover up or just normal policy when a crime has been committed in our nations capitol? I have a sick feeling in my stomach that these folks are going to blame the kids for Foley and toss the entire investigation of six years of a pedophile amongst them in the dumpster.

Republican crimes against our society in the midst of our government are tossed aside. Why don't we spin this one to blame the kids for being kids and Foley was just being Foley? Psssttt, it is a crime to pray on children Mr. Speaker.

Full speed ahead with a recall on Denny Hastert and anyone else that knew about this going as far back as it did! We are not talking last week either, we are talking over half a decade or more! All the while they let him champion issues from concerned parents for crimes against children.

Things that make you go Hmmmm?

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Blogger Steve said...

I don't object to the closed-door session on matters such as these. I think it's more important to try to figure out what happened, and who knew what, and that can be better achieved by not having every move scrutinized by the media or the public or people looking for a spin...

7:10 AM  

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