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Monday, May 08, 2006

Generals and the CIA

I have to agree with the gentleman from the Gun Toting Liberal on his thoughts about mixing the military with the government. You have to wonder how long it will be before we look like the old USSR where if you are not amongst the party then you are not a person. I hope I didn't just steal that from what Dick Cheney said to the Russians over this past week. That would be a major blunder if I did and not give him full credit for it.

I'm frankly shocked that President Bush still has a thirty-one percent approval ratings. Are there that many millionaires in this country? Who in their right mind is really his base than the millionaire elitists? I think we all have seen the reports how even some of the conservative people that are his base no longer trust him or the Mini Publicans to run the government so who are these pollsters really calling? Donald Trump doesn't answer his own phone so he isn't on the poll. Who else doesn't answer their own phone that is also a millionaire or out by the pool or on the golf course while the rest of the simple folks are working? Ken Lay couldn't answer his phone because he was in court all week dealing with a traffic ticket or something like that. Exiting an Enron or no turn on red thingy. So that is two not on the poll for in favor of Bush and his job approval. Who else do we have? Arnold out in California screens all his calls now so he is out. Then again Maria could have picked up the phone and screamed into it "He Sucks!"? She is a Kennedy at heart ya know? Mitt Romney my own Governor couldn't have taken the call because I'm sure he is out somewhere in the country still not campaigning for President? Paul Allan was watching his Cable movies so he is out but then again he might be in the no part of the poll. Anyone seen that other Republican guy with all the money? Does a radio show but is fair and balanced? He has a television news magazine thingy too on FOX. O it is right on the tip of my tongue but its lacking a Factor or something? I'll get it sooner or later. He was probably on the air anyway so he is out too. Out there somewhere?

I'm going to work on some lists of folks that would have said he's doing a great job. I might need some help with this one so we are going to need some creative people to respond to this little article. This could almost be a scientific survey or poll sort of thing. Post your comments and let it rip. Let's hear from you and what you think.

I'm putting Aunty Martha Stewart down as a no. She is still pissed about all them ankle bracelet scars. I heard a rumor that she sent the White House a fruit cake last year for Christmas in protest but that is just a rumor. Martha drew the short straw at the club and she had to take the fall to make sure the rest of them didn't get noticed. Aint that right Ken?


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