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Friday, January 10, 2014

Mitch McConnell, It is TIME to GO!

I hate that I had to name this post after the senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R KY)(Minority Leader of US Senate), but this is a post about a serious election in Kentucky in 2014.  Mitch the Ditch has dodged the needs of the American people since President Obama took office simply because he hated the idea that a Democrat that happened to be a very well educated black man was sitting in the Oval Office.  Job one for Mitch the Ditch was to make sure nothing this elected president wanted done had no republican support in the senate.  Well, he did a damn good job of killing as many jobs bills and economic plans that the president sent to the senate for a vote.  And we all know what the government shutdown was all about that the minority party leader of the senate ran from after it happened.

 "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."  Mitch McConnell

Kentucky has a serious woman running to take Mitch the Ditch out of office.  Her name is Alison Grimes and she is running as a Democrat.  For the first time since 1985 Kentucky has the chance to vote in somebody that actually cares about Kentuckians rather than someone that needs a fat check for his political campaign before he eats lunch or dinner with you.

Some of the issues she talks about that are OPPOSITE to that of Mitch the Ditch:

KEEPING PROMISES TO KENTUCKY SENIORS: An estimated 600,000 Kentuckians rely on Social Security and nearly 800,000 Kentuckians depend on Medicare. Alison will protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare as Kentucky’s next U.S. Senator.  Protecting these programs is critical to the economic well-being for the Commonwealth’s women and families.  Women rely more heavily on income from Social Security than men do, and the majority of Medicare recipients are women.

INCREASING MINIMUM WAGE: In order to grow our middle class, we must raise the minimum wage to help hardworking Americans achieve a basic standard of living.  An overwhelming majority – two thirds – of minimum wage workers in the United States are women.  Consider a single working mother of two who makes the current federal minimum wage who brings home just $14,500 annually – nearly $4,000 below the poverty line.

This coming election will be dirty and Mitch the Ditch has made it clear that he will muddy the waters like never before.  Doesn't that make for a David verse Goliath story.  Yes, it certainly does.  Sad part is that he might get re-elected without having to do anything because people have always had just one choice in Kentucky.  Read up on Allison Grimes and if you can do so, send a few dollars or more to her campaign to Ditch the Mitch.  Even if you don't live in Kentucky!  Mitch the Ditch only needs to serve a few close friends that will donate all he needs to bash and trash Allison Grimes.  Most of his friends that donate to his re-election do not even live or work in Kentucky.  She needs thousands of us to match the bash with honest thoughts and a clean campaign.

Alison Grimes for US Senate KY link for donations  $$$$PLEASE DITCH THE MITCH$$$$

Have faith, she won't let you down.  This post was independently written without the knowledge of anything to do with Kentucky and it's elections or anyone in the election.  I just think Alison would be better


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I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours!

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