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Friday, August 02, 2013

The South Shall Rise Again

Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting anyone from the south?  I'm one of those New England born hot headed liberals that loves my southern friends.  They have a quality of life about them that is more common sense and passionate than people in the north.  People from the south are warm and friendly for the most part and the one thing you notice in a southerner is that they just want to say hello and be friendly.  They love children, love family, love good food, and most of all are very patriotic.  Good virtues that make for good friends and people all around. 

One of my dearest friends lives in North Carolina.  When he speaks it is almost like reading a Mark Twain book but funnier.  His words are to the point and he makes his point clear which is a true southern thing.  We could talk on the phone for hours if not interrupted.  You will always know where you stand with anyone from the south.  But that isn't true with what the southern states elect to represent them?  Why is that?

People like me look at the political actions in the south as hi-jacked.  Family values was somehow manipulated into serving the masters of the plantation or special interests rather than the child that needed food, or love, or a descent education.  Compassion in politics is no longer valid in the southern states of this country in both the Senate and the Congress.  People that live in the south no longer matter to the people they elect.  Checks to political campaigns matter.  The bigger the check the more attention you get.  That is a fact, and it goes against everything that I know of all my southern friends.  But they can not write big checks so their voice is meaningless. 

We have a government that is lost and lacks any leadership.  Us against Them mentality.  There is no longer a working function of our current government.  The congress is hi-jacked by people throwing tantrums on both sides instead of doing the job of finding the common ground.  Both political parties are guilty of it.  Who pays the price for inaction?  We do.

To all my friends in the south, I love ya bunches but ya need to get off the porch and start minding the store.  Your well respected and loved hospitality is being stolen from you by shop lifters that call themselves your representatives in the United States Congress.  Time to see if your voice can reach far enough to make a drop of dew drop off a ripe melon.  The south shall rise again.  Good people will not stand for being kicked by politicians that sold out against their personal family values. 

Franklin Roosevelt loved his time in Georgia, simply because the people were friendly to him and intensely genuine.  In turn, he invested large amounts of his own personal money to build facilities for kids with polio.  He saw the kids, he saw the people, he acted.  You don't see that in any leaders in most southern states anymore.  More for those that have too much and less and less for those that have nothing seems to be more important.  That is NOT a southern quality I would want to be associated with.  Maybe it is time for the south to rise and turn blue again where people matter first?  Just a thought.


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