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Friday, November 29, 2013

Plastic up the Windows

Winter is coming and your heat is going out the windows.  Every single home leaks heat out the windows and that is a fact of physics.  Cold migrates to heat and heat migrates to cold.  Even if you have top of the line insulated windows your home is still going to leak heat through every single window.  Why does this happen? Windows are an open box for heat to escape.  No installation of an energy saving window matters because the air space around the window is wide open.  But you can somewhat stop the relationship of heat going out and cold coming in and save you heating dollars.

Plastic and windows are good friends when it comes to winter heating bills.  Every home improvement store sells the plastic window insulation kits.  I happen to be a huge fan of putting plastic up over the windows. 

We have an apartment with floor to ceiling windows in the front.  There has always been a cold breeze that came through the windows even though they are tightly sealed windows for the most part.  You might ask yourself why you should put plastic up on your windows.  This is why.  Heat migrates to cold because that is science and physics.  Cold migrates to heat and this causes a reaction in the battle between hot and cold.  Cold usually wins and your heat goes out the window.  For the sake of a few dollars and a few hours of work you can save large amounts of money and enjoy your indoor heat more.

By simply putting up a plastic sheet over your windows you throw up an insulator to the heat in your home and the cold outside.  The two sides of hot and cold will still fight but there is a mediator that cancels all of their arguments for entry or exit out.  The air trapped behind the plastic warms all day long and that alone keeps your heated space from attracting to the cold windows long into the night. 

Do yourself a favor and try putting up some plastic on a few rooms that you know are cold even with the heat blasting.  Install the plastic outside of the frame of the indoor windows and woodwork.  It makes a huge difference.  An ounce of prevention for so little cost saves tons of money on your winter heating bill.

Stay warm my friends.


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