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Friday, January 03, 2014

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

More and more reports are coming out on the benefits of including coconut oil in your diet that one has to think it might just be good for you in more ways than you think.  My personal research into coconut oil was based on my father passing from Alzheimer's disease.  As we get older our bodies can not process the nutrients our brain needs to retain memories so certain brain functions cease to function. Adding virgin coconut oil to a persons diet on a daily basis skips our bodies nutrient transportation system and feeds the brain with the nutrients it needs for memory retention.  Check out the video below about Dr. Mary Newport and her husband Steve and the reversal of his Alzheimer disease.


And yet there are many other uses for coconut oil that are not in the mainstream media database.  Here are just a few benefits to your health that I have seen lately in my personal research.  I am not a doctor or scientist but some of the people posting this information are.

Increases ability of people with dementia to function and recall memories over time.
Helps with and can heal eczema and psoriasis due to its anti microbial properties
Dental hygiene when used in pulling that helps protect your mouth from bad bacteria
When rubbed on the skin after and injury or infection it speeds healing.
If you suffer from athletes foot it is very effective in fighting it. 
Coconut oil can help improve insulin levels when ingested daily.
It is a natural antibacterial skin cream.
Reduces acne when used regularly.
Increases absorption of calcium and magnesium.
Coconut oil speeds recovery from UTI's when used internally and externally.
Using coconut oil on a daily basis increases mental alertness.
When coconut oil is mixed with apple cider vinegar it kills head lice.
Coconut oil fats in your diet may help with depression and anxiety.

The list goes on.  Google search and get answers folks.  This is one product you want to keep in your kitchen cabinet and in your medicine cabinet.


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