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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mitt's 47% Problem

The whole problem with Mitt Romney being a Republican is that he is too rich to be a Republican.  This whole idea of him not being able to buy the White House by simply writing a check off of his Swiss bank account is ludicrous.  Many of his supporters agree with him at $50,000 a plate private party fund raiser at Sex Toys Is Us in Florida.  In his mind this is simply a real-estate deal gone wrong.  He would fire the broker but he never took the time to see who was actually listing the property for sale.  He likes the neighborhood, he generally likes the neighbors, and he would support the local politics if it wasn't so damn emotional.  Other than that he might sublet the White House to anyone that can pay the rent.  Why can't half the nation just accept the fact that he should be KING?  His check will clear?

What do we American's really think is going on in politics?  It isn't about what you think.  It isn't what I think.  It is what the best and richest think that matters.  Can you write a big fat check hoping that it will give you billions in return?  No you can not.  All of them 47 percenters should just suck it up and vote for Mitt anyway.  And if you are sick and unable to afford health care then you should just die.  He has a plan to fix that.  It is the Just Die plan.  Does he or does he not look better in a business suit or not than the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?  Does he or does he not have more influence with the people that can change America?  Even if they choose not to, he has their attention.

For some odd reason I really miss the good old days when real political candidates ran for president.  People with character.  People with a mission.  People that truly loved Americans.  People that didn't have to worry about their past because they lived an honest life.

It turns out we don't have to wait.  Presiden't Obama and Joe Biden are NOT Mitt Romney and baby boy toy Paully Ryan.  But if we ever want a Monarchy then I'm voting for Mitt and Fitt.  Till then, vote with your other 47 percenters and vote Democrat across the board in November.

Thank you Mother Jones for questioning the bad check that Mitt Romney's tried to pass to buy the White House.


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