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Friday, July 13, 2012

Being President of the United States

Basic politics on the national level blows.  We as Americans have only two political parties to choose from when it comes to voting for President of the United States of America.  We can choose from the Democrat incumbent who has at times been a true disappointment or we can choose from the Republican hundred millionaire nominee that just does not get the common person working from paycheck to paycheck.

We had a President that I will call W that destroyed the American economy which in turn destroyed the world economy.  That President happened to be a Republican.  His first task in office was to take a government that was running a surplus in the mega billions that was paying down our national debt thanks to his predecessor, he gave huge tax cuts to the top income earners thus causing the nation to go back into debt again.  W then created two wars in far away lands not because the country wanted revenge for 9/11 but for favors due to be in the Oval Office of the Presidency.  The mastermind of 9/11 was not caught or killed under W's watch.

My point is that the office of the Presidency was sold out to a Republican named W and he ran with it and all of his peeps.  If money was to be made then the best way to create an endless pit of revenue for your supporters is to start a war.  Not one time during W's administration did they ask for the American people to conserve on precious commodities to support our troops.  The debt of two wars is enormous and it continues.  Under the current President we are down to one war.  That is too many.  But the money still flows out of the Treasury. 

When you look at America from the perspective of the home front it isn't any better.  W built a nation of spies on American citizens.  Homeland Security did not exist before 9/11.  The Patriot ACT, the little law that suspends your rights across the board did not exist because fear is a greater weapon than actually wiping out your nations enemies militarily.

Now we have Mitt Romney, the mega hundred millionaire running against President Obama who paid off college loans that he and his wife had just before he became President.  Obama is taking the campaign for re-election to the people.  Raising money by grass roots with three and five dollar donations   He isn't hosting parties in the Hamptons of New York for $75K per couple where attendees tell reporters that dumb asses like me just don't get how America works.  No, we get it.  When you have a society of elite that don't look down then the experiment of America is lost.  When you have a President that corrects the wrong then you have pissed off billionaires willing to wrong a right.  Both Roosevelt's, Kennedy, and now Obama have done just that.  It's called being a leader and not a follower of what is right for your fellow American's.

Our first President, George Washington, was one of the richest men in America during the Revolutionary War.  He took no pay.  He fought for this country for personal reasons and for the idea of a free America from the elite society that King George oversaw.  Mitt Romney does have some of those qualities but I'm thinking that the only quality he really wants to fight for is just having the nice jacket you get to wear on Air Force One.  He does not care how he gets the jacket, money is no object to him or his wealthy friends.  He wants the damn jacket.  And the hat.  And the helicopter.  And the attention.  And the neat almost Batman like car.

Mitt Romney is a man that will tell you what you want to hear as long as your check clears.  He is the same man that bought companies all over America while head of Bain Capital and broke them up because they were more profitable in the short term than holding onto them.  Those were American jobs.  Not anymore.  And he says he knows how to create jobs?  In India maybe.  Not here in the United States.

Millions of people have lost their homes in the last decade and a half.  Even more have lost their jobs and now work for half the pay they did before W.  Mitt Romney is running as W part two.  More for us and screw you middle and lower class.  If you don't believe me then look at his campaign promises to screw you over.  Repealing Health Care is his first priority.  He said so in front of the NAACP this past week.  Mitt Romney does not care about your lot in life or making it any better.  He only cares about making his peeps better off now than they were four years ago.  Not jobs, not fixing the economy, not fixing the government spending, not anything that would hurt his elite friends.  Somebody should do a research paper on his donors and see how many of them are from the health care insurance industry.

Vote Romney if you want an America that is divided because you can afford a limo ride to the Hamptons.  Otherwise, check the other box that makes more common sense.

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