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Friday, October 16, 2009

Football Picks Courtesy of GTL

My brother from another mother has a unique gift and talent. He knows how to pick the majority of winners in the NFL in the coming weekend. How the hell he does it is beyond me but he is damn good!

Year to date he is 51 wins and 25 losses. That puts The Gun Toting Liberal at 67.11% for this season alone. Since 2006 to 2008 when he started this phenomenal pick of winners he is 335 wins to 195 losses. That makes his all time record of winners at 63.21%!!!

From time to time I steal stuff from the GTL because he is my bro. I hope he is cool with this post for just this weeks NFL picks. Check out the Gun Toting Liberal every Friday for his picks on the weekends games. Blows my mind how he does it!

Here are the stolen Gun Toting Liberals picks for October 16th…

The GTL’s NFL Picks — Week 6, 2009…

Sunday Early Games:
Saint Louis Rams (0-5) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (2-3) — Jags
Carolina Panthers (1-3) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-5) — Panthers
New York Giants (5-0) @ New Orleans Saints (4-0) — Saints
Cleveland Browns (1-4) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2) — Steelers
Detroit Lions (1-4) @ Green Bay Packers (2-2) — The Pack
Baltimore Ravens (3-2) @ Minnesota Vikings (5-0) — Vikes
Houston Texans (2-3) @ Cincinnati Bengals (4-1) — Bengals
Kansas City Chiefs (0-5) @ Washington Redskins (2-3) — ‘Skins

Sunday Afternoon Games:
Arizona Cardinals (2-2) @ Seattle Seahawks (2-3) — Seahawks
Philadelphia Eagles (3-1) @ Oakland Raiders (1-4) — Philly
Buffalo Bills (1-4) @ New York Jets (3-2) — Jets
Tennessee Titans (0-5) @ New England Patriots (3-2) — Pats

Sunday Night Football Game:
Chicago Bears (3-1) @ Atlanta Falcons (3-1) — Falcs

Monday Night Football Game:
Denver Broncos (5-0) @ San Diego Chargers (2-2) — Broncs

Byes: Indianapolis Colts (5-0), Miami Dolphins (2-3), San Francisco 49ers (3-2)

And for the record… Every single time he goes against my Patriots, I ride his ass for it and then some. And yes I have told Mom on him for it too!

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Blogger Sue said...

well Mat I see my team Eagles, and your team have wins happening this weekend! YAY! Can't promise I'll watch tho...xo

9:33 PM  
Blogger The GTL™ said...

Coolio, bro! Thanks so much :-)

Just don't bet the house on my picks now or I'm tellin' Mom! ;-)

1:17 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I'm not a gambling man Sue but if I were, I would be checking out my bro's site every week! Freaks me out how he does this.

And GTL, Mom says that you don't call as often as her baby boy should. Then she cried, made cookies, I ate your share and all was well in the world again.... ROFLMAO!

7:23 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

You got the Pat's right GTL! 59-0 against the Titans!!!! Can we say blow out? The team broke like six NFL all time records today. Love my Patriots!

8:40 PM  
Blogger The GTL™ said...

Mat... bro... that's IT. I'm tellin' Mom. I think we both can appreciate her disdain for online gambling, brother ;-)

3:35 AM  
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