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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Alan Grayson on the GOP

I tend to like people that talk straight and forward. Congressman Alan Grayson from Florida is about to become the go to man for the Democrats and I love the way he talks. This clip I loved from the Ed Schultz Show...

Alan Grayson is absolutely right! If Jesus Christ graced President Obama with his presence before he declared the Rapture, Republicans would argue the fact that it was not the King James version of Jesus and it doesn't count.

Who the hell does this first African American President that has based his entire life on fighting for the poor think he is? Who does he think he is as the leader of the only super power left on Earth working towards peace in every nation, ending two wars built on "My way or the highway" mentality? Who do these idiots in Oslow Sweden think they are giving a Nobel Peace Prize to when the man has only promised to work towards world peace? If I were a Republican I would be all over this with the fear factor. We should be afraid, we should hide under our desks, we should listen to those that know better. We should and shall be sheep if we know what is good for us.

We Americans should be building a wall all around us like China did with its Great Wall. Build it better, build it higher, and make sure we can hide behind it. Put missiles and nukes every couple of miles to launch at any fishing boats that dare to mock our God given right to be omnipotent. We are the world leader and we should be protected from those that mean to steal our kids lunch money or screw us on travel deals. We should nuke Club Med just out of spite.

Better yet, we could rebuild the Iron Curtain. Start it in Washington, DC and just ramp the design up till it reaches the west coast. You never know when a foreign nation will air drop sheep and cattle to take over our grazzing rights. It could happen.


We could actually talk to the rest of the world and try to end the reason terrorism actually exists?


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Blogger Sue said...

you are a smart man my friend! Mat for President 2020!!

4:52 PM  
Blogger B.J. said...

Everything OK with Papamoka?

I'm not neglecting your blog. Just too many videos and visuals for a visually impaired reader.

You need to publsih a new post to BURY that big ole blinking Ann Coulter ad on your current post.

Have a good weekend.

Friends, BJ

9:30 PM  

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