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Friday, September 25, 2009

Remember the Name Dawn Smith

Dawn Smith is a vibrant young woman that has a brain tumor. She also has healthcare from CIGNA that she pays for. And that is the dilemma and problem with our healthcare system. CIGNA takes her premium payments but when the cost of her healthcare is to high, CIGNA just says “NO”! Then they more than double her premiums and nobody can stop them from just saying “NO”! Or can we? My thanks to MoveOn.ORG for sending me this email and video…

Video Link

The whole debate about healthcare isn’t about giving away the treasury of the country but holding companies like CIGNA to the fire when they fail to fulfill the obligation they accepted when they cash people like Dawn Smith’s healthcare premium check. In Dawn Smith's case, the check cleared and she drove off the lot with a lemon when it comes to her healthcare provider.

Feel free to go to MoveON.ORG and sign the petition that is forwarding your comments to the CEO of CIGNA. Then by all means feel free to contact your Congressional member to demand the system get fixed. Without the public option then all insurance companies can chuck the bird at everyone paying a premium for healthcare. Regulation of the insurance industry alone will not fix the system. Competition is the only way and if it comes from the government, all the better.

I wonder how much of a salary the CEO of CIGNA, H. Edward Hanway took over the last few years that was based on how aggressive his company was towards NOT paying out benefits for major illnesses. Better yet, how much in bonuses did he receive over the last few years that were funded by letting people like Dawn Smith fade away in the complaint department or just up and die? Brain tumor, how long could she keep complaining. Las Vegas odds would be with CIGNA on keeping the bulk of her premiums. Stamps are cheaper than an MRI or CAT scan last time I checked.

H. Edward Hanway gets the Papamoka Fundamental Unjust Corrupt Kevorkian Utopian Proffesional award this week. I’ll have to think of an abbreviation or acronym for it. Feel free to send suggestions in the comments.


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Blogger Sue said...

Mat I posted this sad story awhile back AND signed the petition too. Isn't it pathetic the things going on in the name of GREED!!! This is America and America does NOT take care of its people. Sorry neocons but its the fuckin truth!!!

6:23 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Maybe we should rename the country Iraq or Afghanistan. That seems to be the only way that healthcare for all will pass. At least the GOP will jump on board if we can no bid healthcare out to KBR!

8:18 PM  

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