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Friday, September 25, 2009

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Ted Kennedy and Massachusetts

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Here in the Bay State aka Massachusetts there has been one hell of a GOP stink over Governor Deval Patrick filling Teddy Kennedy’s Senate seat. Most of it a joke in a state that boasts on being one of the bluest of blue states and the home of the Liberal Lion, Ted Kennedy. Being a Republican in Massachusetts is a rarity in government but not unheard of when you consider we elected Bill Weld to the Governor’s office twice, and Mitt Romney to the launching pad for his presidential campaign as a one term Governor. Where’s Waldo replaced on Beacon Hill with where the hell is Mitt?

Life in politics here is simple and the differences between a Massachusetts Republican and say for instance a Wyoming Republican are night and day. And in that difference is the strong belief that our state must have a torch bearer for Ted Kennedy’s seat in our nations capitol. Over at the Boston Herald they have a somewhat forever right leaning spin on Paul Kirk’s appointment by Governor Patrick…

By Laura Crimaldi

Sen. Paul G. Kirk Jr., D-Mass., was sworn in as the state’s interim senator this afternoon by Vice President Joe Biden in Washington D.C., after a Suffolk Superior Court judge in Boston denied an emergency request by state Republicans to stop Gov. Deval Patrick from appointing a U.S. Senate replacement for the late Edward M. Kennedy.

The four-page ruling by Judge Thomas E. Connolly cleared for Kirk’s formal swearing in. Kirk is due to serve until a new senator is picked to serve out the rest of Kennedy’s term in a special election Jan. 19.

In his decision, Connolly also allowed a motion from the state’s lawyers to dismiss the GOP lawsuit against Patrick.
- Boston Herald

Paul Kirk will continue the life long mission of Senator Kennedy till January of next year when a special election will select his permanent successor. I have no doubts about that at all. Governor Patrick could have picked the Pope to replace Kennedy and that still would have suffered a GOP law suit. Vickie Kennedy and Edward Kennedy Jr. would not have endorsed the Governors choice if Senator Kirk was not willing to walk in his close friends footsteps. In selecting Paul Kirk, Governor Patrick restored the spirit of our Liberal Lion back to Massachusetts.


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