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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Political Weakness in the Masses

Back in 2008 we had an election that changed the face of American politics by not just voting in a Democrat President but an African American President for the first time in our nations history. It is part of the dream of Martin Luther King, Lyndon Johnson, Robert Kennedy, Teddy Kennedy, and his brother and President John F. Kennedy. And now that the vote is done, President Obama is in service to his people and he needs our voices more now than ever.

Sometimes I wonder if God were actually looking down on what is going on in America today and can truly favor this nation of so many for much longer. Jesus Christ, his only son, came to us to heal the sick, nurture the poor, and comfort those less fortunate. And when our nations leader and President proposes healthcare for all and he is lambasted as the Anti-Christ according to all right wing pundits?

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I’m sure that Ann Culter would call me a Liberal fanatic, ungodly, juvenile, heathen bastard. I will simply turn the other cheek and wonder to myself where the hell she got that Adams apple? But I am not making millions of dollars off of exaggerated books to spin hype up so high that one neighbor would consider torching another’s house.

There is a difference between talking politics and simply spreading hate of your fellow Americans. It’s something I’m thankful to have learned over the last few years. You can’t love America if you don’t love American’s. We all come from all over and we just need to figure out how to deal with that. The melting pot of America is boiling and we all need to turn the heat down just a bit.

We are all still American’s to the core, the spirit, and to the end. Now more than ever the people need to speek up for what is right, just, and what you voted for.


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Blogger Machinist said...

"...spin hype up so high that one neighbor would consider torching another’s house."

May I respectfully remind you that ALL of the political violence in 2009 has come from the left? So much so that when Micheal wanted to smear the right wing demonstrators he had to try to pass off a picture from a left wing demonstration?

"There is a difference between talking politics and simply spreading hate of your fellow Americans"

Isn't this what I've tried to say here on several occasions and been smeared for it? The Democrats have the power to do whatever they want for the next year and a half, but the pendulum will swing back as it always does unless they plan a coup. Neither side will make lasting progress without working together in good faith. I'm not hearing that here.

11:33 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

beautifully said Mat! We know who the opposing figures are, we know who is trying desparatly to bring down Obama and America. If the left is guilty of violence its provoked by the rightwing fucktards Machinist. You are trying to bring down a nation and we are trying to save it, it's so obvious to even a 5th grader!

5:38 AM  
Blogger B.J. said...

Violence? I would refer you to my current DemWit post at demwit dot blogspot dot com I’m not here to push my blog by any means, but the post might enlighten as to WHO is pushing violence.

Mat, I got an email from John Kerry. He and Barbara Boxer have introduced clean energy legislation. He said the ink was not even dry on the bill before the right-wing started circulating lies about it. One ad even says, “Carbon emissions are good for you.”

It’s terribly hard for good people with noble goals to accept people who can only lie to stifle progress.

You are a good man who wants peaceful solutions and an American spirit of love and togetherness. Keep your sweet heart and don’t let all this conflict get you down.


2:44 AM  

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