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Monday, September 07, 2009

Mary Magdalene Health Care

When Harry Truman was President he was beside himself thinking that he was so despised by the people he served. History proved the people of the time wrong. It took a few decades for another President, George W. Bush to suffer the same circumstances. As much as I personally disagreed with W, I can’t say what history will tell us what he couldn’t or wouldn’t tell the American people. Tricky Dicky part II is doing his best to let the bird out of the bag but the former President is silent and that speaks volumes. It’s easy to speak from the bleachers as a Vice President when it wasn’t your signature on the orders written as the President. Thirty, forty, or even fifty years from now nobody will know who the hell Dick Cheney even was. Rightfully, I think so.

Test for you political afficianados that read these posts, who was President Gerald Fords Vice President? Don’t cheat! No Google searching allowed for this honest question. Think about it? Do you know who it was?

The country is in the middle of a serious debate when it comes to our healthcare system and rightfully so. Both sides agree that our healthcare system more or less sucks. Businesses can’t keep up with the spiraling out of control costs, workers and employees can’t afford to share more of the cost either. We need to fix it and we need to fix it now. One thing is certain is that there has to be a showdown at Big Sky and we have to fix the problem now!

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(I highly suggest listening to the song while reading the post.)

President Obama may lose some popularity trying to get healthcare for all passed but he ran on and promised the American people that voted him into office that he would fix the healthcare problem. You can’t care for a person with brain cancer by dropping off an apple pie as a neighbor. Or even offering to help out with the laundry or helping out with household chores while a mother cares for a child with Leukemia. It's a nice gesture but it does not pay for the care that a loved one needs to survive or live through a very much curable disease or condition. If the insurance isn’t there to cover your particular illness, you will not get the care you need.

God loved his only son so much that he let him die for our sins and here we are arguing over what is due to Caesar 2009 years later because we forget the words of Jesus Christ. We live in the richest and most powerful land in the entire world and yet we don’t give a rats ass about our own peoples basic healthcare needs. And yet we spend hundreds of billions to care, feed, defend, even shelter people thousands of miles from our own shores. Can we look in our own back yard for just a minute? Can we care for Americans first and then share some of the bounty?

The show down is coming in the Congress and it is up to the people that voted for this President to speak up loud and clear. It is up to the business owners that know full well that they can’t or will not be able to offer health insurance even five years from now if it is growing at 20% per year to their employees to speak up. This isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue, it is a simple American issue. Employers can’t afford to offer the benefit if the cost of health insurance doubles every four or five years. That is the common sense of this entire issue. Small businesses just starting out need the public option just to survive. People working at minimum wage need the public option. Single mothers with dead beat fathers need the public option. Divorced wives with husbands in mid life crisis need the public option. Unemployed and forgotten heroes families from past wars need the public option. And yes the Mary Magdalene’s of this nation need the public option to get off the drug addiction that drives them to their only source of income to feed their addiction. This is unforgivable that this nation is even arguing about healthcare for all when we have so much that has been granted and blessed on us. Some people call America a Christian nation but if it comes time to put your money where your mouth is then the churches empty. Jesus would cry or should cry that his sacrafice was for not. I guess the Bible is only good for Sunday services. Monday through Saturday are discretionary as to how the money changers will work best to your personal advantage.

We need to get our act together America or the next declined healthcare need may just be yours. Don’t worry about the Congressional politicians declaring doom and gloom, they have healthcare for life just because they were elected. Even if they serve just one term. Fully paid, no deductibles and free prescriptions. Speaking from the congressional pulpit is easy if the issue will never have any effect on your life.

“Lepers in our midst need not fear care of the body in this life but your soul may just be lost if you ignore the care of your brother or sister.” That isn’t a bible quote, just my thoughts and my personal belief.


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Blogger Sue said...

wow Mat, so beautifully written, so true. You know I am without insurance now, what would I do if I found a lump, or broke a bone, it's starting to scare me! Why ARE we having this discussion like you say we need to take care of our people, plain and simple! Those who put money before people will get their due!! I start to feel confident Obama will deliver then I read or hear someone say he might not. Come ON Wednesday!! have a great day sweetie!

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Isa Lube said...

Not sure it will wrk out or not since other nations under same type of system say it's should be more restrained so not just anyone can get access from hard working tax payers dollars??? I don't want anyone to take food out of my mouth and give it to someone who is sitting around doing nothing-or should you/I???

1:27 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

how are ya honey, you've been awful quiet! I'm just counting the hours before the big speech tonight! xoxo

12:04 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Doing pretty good Sue and like yourself I'm hoping he smacks some heads on the hill! Wouldn't you just love to see him do a Gibbs (NCIS) on some of them? Just once.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

yea I wanna see some smack down!!LOL (you know I am not street wise so I don't know what I just said! LMFAO!!)

1:32 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

WOOOHHHHOOOOOOO! Thank you Mike from Crooks and Liars for linking in to this post!!!

1:44 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Have you invited Rachel to dinner? Of course she's your neighbor, lucky girl!!

4:23 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I should invite her and her partner for dinner. That would be one hell of a night huh? If she says yes then you and the hubby need to drive up for dinner too! :)

6:49 PM  

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