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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Condi Rice Admits Torture

Over at the Huffington Post they have a great story about a Stamford student asking the former Secretary of State Condi Rice if she was a part of the authorization of torture on American soil. Condi pulled a tricky Dick Nixon and more or less passed the buck up to President Bush that she authorized torture by direct order from President Bush. Kudo to The Young Turks for breaking this story and the Huff Po for blasting it out there on the internet.

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I need to get my head into Soprano mode for a second here. If you are President and you tell your aka Captains to off somebody, because you are the President it is not against the law? What a sweet deal that is! If that is the case, lets assasinate that son of a bitch in Iran, Imadinnerjacket or whatever his name is. Then we should off that scumbag in South America Hugo Chevy or something or other is his name. Castro, he has to go. His brother too. Then we should get rid of them Teamsters and all them union people. Then we should go after the Jews and them pesky Catholics. Do you see a pattern here in this or should I go on?

Something tells me that this is only the top of the cake, just the frosting so to speak of everything Bush and Cheney did against the law and against the Constitution of the United States of America.

Condi Rice admitted in this taped conversation that she knew full well about torture when her boss was telling the American people that we as a country do not torture. And she passed on authorization and the orders to torture. If that isn’t gang land thinking then I do not know what is.

This matter is no longer in the Presidents pocket to squash. This is a matter for the Attorney General to enforce the laws of our nation regardless of whom it may charge with crimes against American law. Polls say that 61% of Americans do not want this prosecuted or followed through but that is not taking into consideration the number of people that have children or loved ones in the military that would never want these same “Enhanced Information Techniques” used against their loved ones. We are a land of laws and if this abomination of the law is ignored then it sets a very dangerous precedent for future Presidents or aka Kings.

The law is there for a reason, it sets boundaries and does not have a gray area to venture into and cross. If you break the law then you deserve to be prosecuted like Joe and Jane SixPack would be.

President Nixon crossed the line and resigned in disgrace over it. He broke the law. He stole the peoples trust. President Bush is guilty of the same crime. Defending America isn’t always about keeping us safe from harm, its about upholding our laws that our President’s swear to uphold on the holy bible.

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Time will tell if the Attorney General has the guts to actually do his job or not.


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