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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just Mike

I’ve been writing this little blog for a couple of years now and over that time I have gathered many an online friend or simpatico reader. Somehow we managed to contact one another by email and the correspondence over time has morphed into what I would like to think as a personal friendship. If any single one of them needed my help, then I would be there for them in a heartbeat. Even though I have never met many of them.

In the back of my mind I build up a picture in my head of what these online email buddies look like and I have to admit, I have a very horrible imagination or dare I say ability to picture what they actually look like. I’ve been wrong every single time. Being an idiot or simpleton, I build up a picture in my mind based on what they write on their respective blogs or in our email chats. Trust me, the FBI would never want to ask me to be their profiler.

Anywho, one of my longest blogging and email buddies has been Mike Finnigan who does Mike’s Blog Round Up over at Crooks and Liars, I email him tips on posts, he emails me back one or two sentences. Short and to the point. That’s just Mike being Mike. My poor old imagination pictured this kid in his early twenties, probably wearing a Greatful Dead shirt for a week at a time sitting at his computer for 23 out of 24 hours a day just surfing the net. Maybe a little bit overweight from too many bags of potato chips and slices of delivered pizza. Empty Diet Coke's scattered on his bedroom floor like dead soldiers. His mother yelling up the stairs that the trash needs to be taken out and his father just shaking his head wondering where he went wrong.

Yup, I was wrong. Never in my wildest imagination could I have pictured he was a talented and well known musician. Here is Mike in what I would like to say is one of the best inspirational music videos I have seen in a very long time…

Video Link

Here I sit in my little world and all this time I’ve been exchanging emails with a guy named Mike Finnigan that has worked with Cher, Eddie Money, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Bonnie Rait, Jimmy Hendrix, and the list of talent he has worked with in the music industry over the years goes on. Needless to say, I’m an idiot. I’m in the presence of greatness and to me it was always just Mike.

My thanks go out to William K. Wolfrum Chronicles for pointing out what a gift Mike Finnigan is to the world. I have to now go write an apology email to my friend Mike for being just Mike. Then I have to wash this Greatful Dead shirt. It’s a wee bit ripe if you know what I mean. Maybe I’ll jump in the washing machine with it and kill two birds with one stone.


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Blogger Laura said...

WOW! Mike is wonderful! Thank you for sharing that video - and I am sure he is happy to just be Mike with you. You are a fortunate man and by the way, I DID picture you with a pint of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia on your desk. :) Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

7:22 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

ROFLMAO Laura! If nobody saw me with my Ben & Jerry's then its more or less like that tree falling in the forest with nobody there to hear it fall. I plead the fifth my friend! LOL!

7:31 AM  
Blogger sue said...

What a great story! I know what you mean about visualizing our bloggy friends, Mike is quite handsome, as are you, papaM!! :-)))

7:08 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...


I had no clue that he was part of Crosby, Stills, and Nash? I saw the picture and I said to myslef, holy crap. Duh is me! We share a skinny gene or something and there I am twenty years down the road. And I have to agree with ya, good looking SOB if I say so myself.

Thank you for the kind compliment too Sue. Hugs right back at ya hon!

8:44 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Sue, Laura, Mike, Nancy, BJ, Infidel, Steve in Houston and whoever reads this site let me know if you are on Facebook and lets hook up. Send me an email. It's in the sidebar of the site.

9:42 PM  
Blogger sue said...

No, no facebook or myspace for me! I have enough on my plate with blogging and trying to read all the blogs!

7:56 AM  
Blogger Peter Link said...

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3:46 PM  

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