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Friday, April 24, 2009

Time to Step Up

Times are tough all around for everyone and if you ask the folks that own a small business then they see it every single day. And yet the tide of gouging the people in the middle and lower class is at the beginning of the end. No more is America held ransom by the whims of Exxon and other oil conglomerates that had a free ride under Dubya. Hundreds of millions in tax cuts for big oil and billions of profit every single quarter screamed across all of the media while you and I wondered how to pay the bills to just survive. No more is America at the mercy of banks that think they owned democracy and could do as they damn well pleased. No more is America under the threat from hostile nations because we choose the big stick first with every conversation over diplomacy for every interaction with nations of the world that don’t think like we do on every issue. Times they are a changing and we have a hero in our midst and that hero is you the people. It is the change of political thought that is breaking the backs of those that would keep all of us little people down.

President Obama is on the fast track to fix as much of the past mistakes of his predecessor and the amount of CHANGE is evident with every passing day. Isn’t it nice to see that you don’t have to take out a loan to fill your gas tank anymore? Isn’t it nice to see that the Robber Barons of Wall Street are finally being called to task for corruption in the manipulative scams they ran for the past eight plus years? Isn’t it nice to see millionaire bankers balk at taking taxpayer bailout money but having stock holders screaming for their heads to be cut off. Is it not nice to see that corporate America needs to follow the same rules and laws that those of us that work for them or with them have to follow? Those laws would be the law of decency and fairness.

Change is here and you can thank the hero within America for it. President Obama gets some credit for the change in the future of America but he is just the messenger. And he continues on the positive message and that is what he was elected to do. Our government now answers to all of the people and not just the folks with the big bucks that can or try to influence policy. We have a long way to go, but change is happening and it happens one day at a time.

To the hero’s within that fought for what is right in America I give you the ultimate tribute from the best of America in our music industry…

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Now more than ever we need to all step up to the plate and back what we voted for. Change was what we wanted, we have to support the best our people can offer now more than ever before.


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