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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber was a Plant

I can’t honestly confirm the details of this post from the Huffington Post but “Joe the Plumber” talked about at length during the last debate that started with John McCain has a direct connection to John McCain from the Keating Five Scandal. He is a relative of the organization that John McCain was reprimanded for in the Congress. Again, I can’t confirm this. I thought it odd though that Fox News had the jump on this story when he was planted at a location to talk directly with Barack Obama. Here is what Huff PO and Robert J. Elisberg is saying…

Just when you didn't think things could get worse for John McCain -- they go in the toilet.


So, you remember Joe the Plumber, who John McCain kept relentlessly bringing up. And up. The apparently undecided plumber who had complained to Barack Obama that he couldn't buy his own plumbing company because he'd have to pay 3% more in taxes. The plumber who John McCain lauded as an Everyman while oddly proclaiming "Congratulations! You're rich!" in the midst of a disastrous recession. The fellow who said that Barack Obama "tap dances better than Sammy Davis Jr."

That guy.

Well, it turns out he's the one gliding around the dance floor so much, you should expect to see him soon on "Dancing with the Stars."

You see, Joe Wurzelbacher is apparently related to Robert Wurzelbacher. Who is the son-in-law of (are you ready...?) Charles Keating!
- Huffington Post

If this turns out to be true then John McCain has lost the trust of the American people by laying a deception onto the people with full knowledge of said deception. He knew who the hell "Joe the Plumber" was because his campaign put him in a position to confront Barack Obama and be a solid voice for his political stance on all issues. Dropping a dime to a friendly news network gave John McCain and his campaign a head start on the issue before the debate even began.

What’s ironic is that all of the major networks looked to interview the superstar plumber and forgot the plumbers that worked for Nixon. Not one of them looked into the facts behind this guy and that tells you volumes of where our Television News networks are when it comes to serious reporting. Fox News knew who the hell he was and that is why they had the jump on the “Joe the Plumber” story. Did any of the other networks or news organizations do a background check with a hint of relationships to whom "Joe the Plumber" is related too?

Nope! Didn’t happen. Instinct is a funny thing and when this guy first showed up I smelled something funny but I don’t have access to the databases that real news organizations have. I’m just a blogger though. But it was a well known blog that found out who Joe the Plumber is related too?

I have to add a big old hairy butt to this post, this information has not been confirmed as yet. Huff Po wouldn’t post it if they didn’t have serious evidence though. If this story proves out that the Republican Party or John McCain was aware of this plant and he openly repeated it in the debate then all of his years of public service will end in one lie. A lie he repeated during the debate over and over again.


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Blogger Claudia Snell said...

USA Today has this:

4:42 AM  
Blogger Claudia Snell said...

Sorry about that, I should have made it clickable: USA Today.

Turns out that he's not only a plant but kinda scummy at that. He's not going to be able to buy a business with a lien against him for not paying taxes.

4:54 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thanks for that link Claudia! Wow? I honestly feel bad for the guy.

5:51 AM  
Blogger B.J. said...

Papamoka! Yep, lots is coming out, and yes, I believe he was a plant, just as Jeff Gannon/James Guckert was a PLANT in the White House Press Corps. These jerks have no shame.

(You might expect a comment from Jeff Gannon. I think he gets up every morniing, googles his name, then slaps an argument for his defense on any blog referring to him.)

If you have Claudia's email address, please give her mine and ask her HOW she managed to put the active link in her second comment. I have never been able to do that, but would love to know how.

Have a good weekend!


7:50 AM  
Blogger B.J. said...

To clarify: I just need to know how to put active links in the Blogger "comment format." I can do links in all other venues. Thanks! BJ

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally think he was a plant. He's not a licensed plumber, he has no plans on having a business that makes $250,000 a year, and HOW CONVENIENT that he said exactly $250,000. The way he approached Obama, the way he phrased his questions...fake. Why isn't this being covered more? This is shameful.
What the hell happened to John McCain?!?!

4:41 AM  

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