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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Political Rant from a 20-Something Liberal

I have a question for you.

What makes us as Americans any better than the people we fight in other countries. The countries we invade and push Western Democracy down their throats. At this point I do not believe much makes us better than anyone, I think as an American I feel disgrace and pity. “Jokes” are circulating through emails of GOP officials and the internet about possible death or the “tragedy” of Obama being assassinated. Seriously, give me a break. This whole mess of a campaign where John McCain states he thinks well of Obama and at the same time his running mate attacks Obama for “paling around with terrorist”. How dare anyone get away with threatening the life of Obama who has secret service detail, how dare anyone get away with threatening the life of anyone and not be prosecuted.

The sheer ignorance of a large amount of people in this country who treat words as “Muslim” and “Arab” as slurs instead of what they are, a religion and a nationality. If only people maybe picked up a newspaper or turned on the news once in awhile they would not sound like such fools when interviewed to give their opinion. Some opinions (in my opinion) are better off kept to yourself. I consider myself a well rounded person; I listen to many points of view and decide in my mind what makes the most logical sense. What does not make sense is why we are resorting back to the 1960’s. What will it take for Obama to prove himself to the American people? When will people stop labeling him as a “black man” or even worse a “terrorist?” When will people stop starting a sentence with “I am not racist…but.” If you need to start your conversation with that, then you are just that a racist.

I question daily at this point in the election when people will say enough is enough and decide they will not take business as usual from the Republican Campaign. Republicans are very good at winning elections they just have not yet figured out how to govern the country. While the GOP figures the next attack method while stating they have a plan for the future. When they decide to push cutting Capital Gains taxes when as Obama states “no one I know has capital gains right now.” I will sit here still thinking McCain is out of touch with Middle America and wishing I could help bring some “ed-u-me-cation” to the folks that so easily voice their close minded opinions for the world to hear.

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