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Thursday, October 16, 2008

True Colors in Politics

I have no tolerance with racism in my life what so ever! From anyone against anyone that is an American citizen. Absolutely none. End of discussion. I grew up hearing the stories from my father and mother on the racism that my grandmother and grandfather faced in the new world. “Irish Need Not Apply” signs for job openings and apologies from landlords in the area they landed in outright saying that they do not rent to the Irish!

I’m not an African American but I do happen to know that the African American people of this nations last generation and this generation, are still reading the signs “Irish Need Not Apply” or we don’t rent to your kind and that is disgustingly wrong. As many gains we as a people have made in this nation over the last forty years, when it comes to civil rights there is still racism against many people for many reason that bares no common sense.

What pisses me off even more is that racist people declare themselves McCain supporters and transpose their ignorance onto a noble public servant. Mind you, I’m not defending John McCain, he can explain his pride in the debate last night of “All of his rally supporters” and what he meant from his mouth to God’s ears. Explain this Senator McCain? Tell me and the Independent and Moderate voters that you are proud of these people or tell them they are dead wrong!

Video Link

Should we all look at the Republican Base as all racists and just call it a draw because the Democrat Base is the rainbow of American races. Videos like this one make me think that John McCain needs to seriously reconsider his funding of education in America or would he prefer that this kind of understanding of common knowledge is acceptable. If he is cool with his supporters going so negative with believing Obama is a Muslim, and the rest of the crap that they would rather believe in then John McCain must be the next coming of Christ for them. Jesus Christ 2.0 or George Bush 2.0, same thing very different philosophies for caring for your fellow man.

Lets go extreme on what McCain supporters really believe. Apparently they still believe Barack Obama is still a Muslim and not a Christian since a baby so Al Jazeera America has this on it. Yes it is a Muslim and Arab news agency, so the hell what? The video speaks for itself...

Video Link

If this is the Republican political base that elected George Bush then I am so glad that I never voted for him in either election for President. I’m sure that many of the clear thinking Republican’s never thought this type of mentality was ever possible. I know that my Republican friends don’t think this way and I mean in a racist intolerant way! Thank God above some people in the Republican party are not this misunderstanding of the real issues. Real issues like education, healthcare, and taxes are not based on any candidates religion, race, gender, or even if they were or are a lawyer! To this kind of political base there is the color of your skin, your religion, and email hysterics taken as the word of God from the Holy Bible. And all those emails about winning the lottery in another country are true by the way. Just send your checking account number and they will deposit the money for you… NOT!

If this is the base John McCain is so proud of then he can have them, and in that respect I’m sure that many educated Independent and Moderate voters would agree with me on this topic. If racist comments are what it takes to win this Presidential election from your supporters then I honestly can’t support the candidate they support with so much hateful, offensive, and frankly un-American language.

I think the words in our Constitution read “We the people” not “Some of the People”.

Racism pisses me off and if you don’t like that I’m pissed off about it then don’t read this site. If this kind of garbage in America is okay with you then I DO NOT WANT YOU READING THIS SITE! We are a melting pot of many nations but we are all Americans and anyone that tells you that that fact is inacurate is not correct and is in fact morally corrupted.

“You are your brothers keeper” goes beyond the hour you are in church once a week and yes I attend services! As an American Irish descendent from County Claire and Cork, I’m endorsing the real Irishman in this race, Senator Obama of Illinois.


*****My good friend Gun Toting Liberal has allowed me to cross post this post on his "Must Read" political site! Thank you GTL!

*****My blogging friend Joe Gandelman of The Moderate Voice dedicated a post to this article. Thank you Joe!

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Anonymous bbj said...

I'm glad to be reintroduced to your blog, Papa. I agree with you, totally.

The automated messages the RNC released today are absolutely disgusting.

Where is the John McCain I once admired? He's sold his soul. Very sad. - bbj

8:06 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I think the John McCain that you and I admired in 2000 is no more. I don't think he is party to this kind of ignorance but he isn't walking away from it either?

What kind of RNC messages are you getting? Feel free to post it in a comment!

11:33 PM  
Blogger B.J. said...

Sadly, there will always be those who believe they are the models of perfection for all persons. I don’t believe this is a phenomenon systemic to or based ONLY in the Republican Party.

As a Southerner who lived through past civil rights struggles, I can say with some authority that such hatred - or fear - of others is based in ignorance – the lack of education. Not the rudimentaries required to “get a job,” but a well-rounded, liberal education which exposes one to the world outside a narrow-minded existence.

Ironically, as I type this, “CBS Up to the Minute” at 4 a.m. Friday is featuring a segment on how poorly America’s education system now ranks in the world.

I’ve always heard that “man fears most that which he does not understand.” What is needed is more understanding.

Finally, let’s not make the mistake – in the event Obama is defeated – of blaming every vote for McCain on racism. The dedication to conservatism in this country remains very strong, and it existed long before an African-American was at the top of a political party ticket.

3:30 AM  

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