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Monday, September 15, 2008

September 11 and Politics

When America was attacked on 9/11 I was sitting in my office cubicle doing the job I was being paid to do. I could not get updates other than a customer in New Jersey that kept feeding me the news. When the first tower was attacked, I, like many other people thought it was an accident, when the second tower of the World Trade Center was hit by an airplane I knew it was an act of war. What I didn’t know was who and why? I wanted to go grab my baby girls out of school and know they were safe. My boss declined that request. I should have told him to F off but I didn’t. Five mouths to feed counter acted my need for a job to feed my babies.

Why would people go to such extremes to attack a people that in all respects, no matter how you look at our political philosophies, always reaches out to lend a helping hand? Why? To this day, nobody can answer that question.

Today, I watched a two plus hour depiction of what happened on that tragic day and it got my blood boiling. So many innocent people lost their lives on 9/11 and not one of them deserved it. I’m a die hard liberal and it pissed me off. People jumping out of windows from fifty and sixty or more stories up to their death because they did not want to be burned to death. Reporters on the scene were quoted as stating that the thud of bodies hitting the ground was every couple of seconds.

These people were murdered and I may be a liberal but I am not a pacifist. When you attack my nation I will fight back! When you kill my fellow Americans just to raise awareness of your cause then you piss me off too! America is not a red state or blue state nation or tribal click, we are all Americans when you attack us.

I don’t care where the blame lands as far as what President Bush has done to defend America. He alone has had access to the information to defend this nation and I appreciate the work and sacrifice he has had to bare. We don’t know what he has had to do to protect America so I’m going off the Bush bashing mentality as a liberal blogger.

Which leads me to the next point. Do we want another hundred year war as in the days of the Crusades or to talk to the people that want to kill us all? That is a double edged sword when it comes to politics. We can kill millions of people in response to 9/11 or we can find out what the hell is really going on? Logically, none of this state of affairs makes any sense. We can just continue the status quo or we can find out what the root of the problem really is.

During the Cold War, every American President talked with the Soviet Union. Talking to your enemies is not caving in to your enemy. It's just talking and that is what diplomcacy is all about. One side talks, and then the other side talks. That is how you work out differences. It may not always be the best path but it brings people to a common understanding.

In the mean time, we have one politician running for President intent on a hundred year war and another begging for diplomacy. It is totally up to you how you vote. I’m leaning on the side of diplomacy. I still hate the bastards that killed so many innocent people on 9/11. We as a nation have to move past that point in time or forever be defined by it.

Something is wrong, how we find the balance to understand the reason and madness behind 9/11 is nothing that either McCain or Obama is running on. At this point in time they are running a he said and he said campaign and that is not serving the true spirit of the American people. Life in America is not based out of Baghdad or Iraq?

When McCain and Obama want to talk real issues then maybe we can listen in. Till then, my heart felt prayers are with the many families that lost a loved one on 9/11. Their pain is real, what are you both campaigning for President going to do about it?

If you want to convince Americans how to vote then tell us what you intend to do to protect and defend America! It is frankly that simple.


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