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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lobbyist in the McCain White House

I don't know about you but real change comes from actually getting the lobbyists out of political campaigns. For that matter out of Washington D.C.! Apparently, over at the John McCain for President campaign they can not get enough Lobbyists to participate in his election prospects...

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Does the name Jack Abramoff not ring a bell to anyone?

If lobbyist are running the McCain campaign then it only goes to show and prove who will actually run the McCain White House. Do we need four more years of a puppet for President? How many lobbyists does Senator McCain need on his staff to run his campaign? I'm thinking his answer is how big the campaign donation check is and how can he be of service to them as President. Just something to think about.


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***** Reuters has picked up this post! Thank You!!!

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