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Friday, September 12, 2008

Health Care McCain and Obama

Hillary Clinton had no problem presenting a Health Care Plan for all Americans and so did Barack Obama. John McCain has nothing other than the same old same ideology of a free market manipulation where the Pharmaceutical industry writes our senior citizens health care plans. Begging of more corruption. It makes me wonder why he signed onto this legislations but signed off of every single bill designed to help veterans.

Two words, Doesn’t Care! Voting Democrat or Republican does not mean a single thing. Voting what is best for America more than ever is important not just to you but to the damage that has been done to your elderly parents Social Security benefits that you too will one day have to tap into but the bigger picture is that of being an American and looking out for those that can not or do not have a voice. Take out the right and left side of the political arguments, take out the flag waving and talking points. Toss it all aside and look at what the politicians have done in the last eight years to America. Do your own research. Do Not base your judgment on who you will elect as your next President of the United States of America on a campaign television advertisement or You Tube video from any political organization or for that matter from my comments on this election.

Use the gift that you have in front of you while reading this post to search Google, Yahoo, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Alta Vista, and every other search engine available to you.

You don’t need the questions to ask from me on your search engine exploration of who the real John McCain is. Veteran’s in need of serious care already know who he is. John McCain has voted against Veteran benefits over and over again. The Maverick is not who we all think he is. When McCain claims his POW status he is in fact slapping all of them in the face but you can do your own research on how he voted on Veteran issues.

Just because he wore the uniform, served our nation, was imprisoned in horrible means, does not mean that he is in the tank for veterans from any battle. His record as a U.S. Senator reflects just the opposite.

A good friend of mine at Bring It ON! reminded me of how much more Obama has done for change in America and the facts don't lie. Johnny McCain can not boast this kind of enthusiasm for Americans in all of his Congressional career.

Red state, Blue State, do your own Google Search on it or whatever means you like. One candidate cares about those of us under the five million dollar pay grade and the other has no clue. Last time I checked, I won't earn five million in my lifetime but I'm just a smuck with five daughters eaking out an existence in the middle class.

I'll let you know when the campaign gets back to real issues like Health Care for all Americans or actually caring about our nations Veterans! Education for the next generation that will provide our next leaders in govermnent. Real reform that makes sense in politics as it is today and not sound bites repeated over and over again till it becomes believable.


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