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Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin and Gibson Interview

I give Sarah Palin some kudos for being on the softball hot seat with Charlie Gibson, or should I say Charles Gibson of ABC News. She was more Presidential than John McCain and in some aspects passed the litmus test that the Bush administration desires to live on to attack all nations that even look at us Americans in a condescending way. Rather than using diplomacy, government and inside channels to communicate, we should just condone bombing everyone with a heartbeat that does not agree with American lead policy in the Middle East. Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran… Catchy tune from John McCain’s lips to the MSM and bloggers pointing out his and her gaffes.

Somebody over at the archive of records needs to roll up the Constitution like a fireplace log and douse it with starter fuel. Light the match or Bic lighter and just set it on fire. Fear is winning out over common sense and if you honestly think John McCain is about change life here in America then good luck to you and $200 per barrel oil prices. While you are over zealous to support a candidate that does not support equal pay for equal work for woman then please insert a hundred dollar bill at the gas pump every single time you gas up your Camry, Chevy, Ford or Toyota.

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So when is ABC News and Charlie Gibson going to give Joe Biden equal time? He is after all the opposition party to this softball interview. If you asked me, it almost looked like Governor Palin was able to do some homework on every question. Joe Biden will not need the homework session because he has lived the issues from day one and fought through a Republican lead Congress that was against anything for the middle and lower classes of America. Biden and Obama have a much better voting record when it comes to Veterans than McCain alone and he is in fact the person we are voting for and not Sarah Palin! One little factoid on Prescedent Bush, he never used his veto pen till the Democrats took control of both houses of Congress. Not even once! And John McCain was in line with the sell out of America prior to that date. How can he honestly declare that he is a reformer now?

Sarah Palin did not face one tough question during the interwiew with Charles Gibson of ABC News and when she was presented with one she avoided the question with her response. Again, smoke and mirrors and tell you what the campaigns talking points are and not facing the issues we as Americans care about. If you want to buy some dish washing liquid then by all means vote for McCain and Palin. Facts and figures just wash away. If you want to buy a roof over your head for the next four years then you need to look closer at the candidate that is offering shelter from a government gone wrong the last eight years that Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, Bill Clinton, are actually presenting as change to America as it is.

One political party is telling you how good you have it as the little people as they fly their private jets home every weekend and the other is trying its damndest to tell you the truth and include you. Pick a political party full of millionaires or one full of people making $10, $12, 15$, 20$ and hour for a pay check every week that actually cares about you and your family. Common sense is not dead in America! Health insurance for all is nothing to a hundred millionaire like the McCain's, affordable higher education for your children is not a concern for any hundred millionaire, basic rights for woman and their own bodies is not an issue for hundred millionaires. It is very easy to sit in the box seats looking down on the little people when you do not have to face the day to day fears that most Americans face. Never!

That my friends is the difference in this election. One man wants to tell you who to be afraid of and the other is telling you how great we can be as a people. One man has every single high powered oil, gas, energy, pharmecutical and all of the rest of special interest Washington based lobbyist working on his staff and the other has refused their services all together. Who do you think is presenting change? One candidate is taking large donations from big oil into the millions of dollars and the other is not. One fact is sure, it isn't John McCain that is looking for change!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Said!!!
I could not agree with you more, I have been a bit behind this past week with the going ons because of a busy schedule but I always know I can find an honest to goodness recap of what has been going on. I am very much scared if McCain is elected and the whole election is based on FEAR. I hope people open their big eyes and they will see that this is not the direction we need to go.

8:47 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thank you Ms. Crystal and by all means feel free to tell your friends to check this site out! We could use the added readers and enlightenment for this do or die Presidential election.

God help us if America elects McSame as the next President of the United States of America.

9:44 PM  

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