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Thursday, September 18, 2008

McCain Campaign Implosion

Any person with a political mind has to think that the McCain campaign is self destructing before our eyes. It is almost a given that he is no longer running his own campaign and is being handled. John McCain the candidate for President of the United States says one thing on the trail of the campaign and then his staffers face the gauntlet before all of the media on what he was supposed to say, meant to say, should have said, or just blame his opponent. Never is it the candidates fault, John McCain’s lack of being on topic, on issue, or just not knowing what he is talking about is now an issue before the American people. You can call it exhaustion of the campaign trail but McCain only does one speech per day as last reported by his staff? You can call it that he is multi tasking as a Senator and a candidate for President but he has not voted in the Senate in months? Call it whatever you want, something is not right with John McCain and it is showing more and more as the stress of the campaign for President grinds on.

Just today alone he insulted Spain, a NATO ally, by thinking that Spain has somehow relocated to the northern or southern hemisphere? On Monday he was against any Wall Street bail out and by Wednesday he can not bail them out enough. Over the last 26 years of his career in the U.S. Senate he was against any form of regulation, so much so that he authored a bill to ban any regulation from the government just a few years back. It didn’t pass. Today, he is the Maverick that wants to regulate Wall Street back to the stone age. Clocks ticking, who will he be next week?

If you are parking your vote on the middle of the fence in this election for President then you need to consider who has been talking the same game plan for the past year and a half and who just changed into a butterfly this week? What this all leads me to believe, and many well read journalists like George Will can certainly back me up, John McCain has Swift Boated his own election this week. Frankly, I’m shocked and bummed out. I was looking forward to calling him on all of his gaffes, lies, and out right points that had nothing to do with the questions asked of him.

Something is not right with John McCain and I can’t see anyone risking there vote on McCain when the back up plan is just a Mayor out of control from Alaska in the Governors office. Can America handle four years of a Palin White House? These latest changes in McCain make that question very relevent!


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