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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Racism in Politics

Sometimes you just have to call it like you see it from your own perspective in the world and I see racism in this election process for President. Something that most die hard liberals would love to concede as a war won in the late sixties and seventies but I dare to disagree and believe it has survived into the new Millenium.

In this great land we all love so much there is extreme racism and it is alive and well in the minds of the elite politicians on the right side of the political aisle. Dare I even say that it goes all the way up to the RNC candidate for President in 08? You can almost sense the “N” word coming out of the mouth of their candidate as if to say how dare he even try and compete with me? All of his commercials play that way? Tell me they don’t? Insert the “N” word wherever he mentions his opponent and you have the message sold to people that simply can not accept the fact that a Harvard graduate at the top of his class is not worthy of being President of the United States because of the color of his skin.

Where did the RNC candidate graduate in his class? Dare I say third from the bottom? Can we raise the bar on the education level needed to be President of the United States from third from the bottom of your class?

And yes, I am playing the race card simply because the Republican Party and their candidate is playing the sexist card. Tit for Tat or is that a sexist comment too? Dare I say Lipstick on a pig is still just a pig when it comes to describing a political issue? A phrase going back decades before Obama was born and used repeatedly in heated Republican debates over many issues in decades past. Is that now a sexist phrase banned from the English political language now because only white, rich, influential and Republican’s politicians can only use it? When your campaign has to reach to the lows of push polls against Jewish voters, Catholic voters, and any weak link in the democrat base that might have well as come from a phone bank of the KKK then I can not vote for John McCain. Even if he had nothing to do with the polling, people backing him did it, are doing it, and will continue to do it. That is not an America my children need to grow up in and it is not something I could ever condone.

Racism is alive and well over at the GOP and it is not just over the color of your skin but the income level you live. They have managed to separate Americans in multiple levels to declare us against them but somehow mask themselves as them when the push polls are issued and warranted in the need to raise votes?

This whole election is coming down to money and the tax cuts for the mega rich that need to be protected and defended at all cost. Or is it more than that? No, I’m pretty sure that Obama cutting the taxes on 90% of the people in America that is going to offset it by returning the tax rates of Bill Clinton is what it is all about. The top 2% of income earners like Warren Buffet (Democrat) will finally pay more percentage points in taxes than someone making $40,000 per year.

In my own life I have been blessed to live among people of many nationalities, colors, and just a diverse community of people. Our children play with our neighbors who are black, white, yellow, green, and blue. Yes, Papa Smurf also lives in my neighborhood and he and I are the best of friends because we do not see the color of a persons skin but the integrity of their heart. I love them all like family and they think the same simply because we are a well knit community of families looking out for one another. It’s the same thing your parents had in the sixties and seventies only the parents and friends just don’t all happen to be white. Their children are my families concern and my children are theirs. No race relations or disharmony here. With us, it’s our kids future and not racial problems of any magnitude. What we have here in the smaller neighborhoods of this major city is something that needs to be built up from the bottom up. Trickle down politics will never instill the spirit needed to foster a neighborly concern and love for all children amongst us. From our young children comes the growing together of the parents and the issues that separate us all that slowly will diminish, fade away, and disappear.

There are serious reasons why people like myself that are middle of the road voters no longer blindly follow one party or the other and it is the mudslinging crap that both sides in this election are so guilty of. Lately, it seems the McCain camp is intent on throwing tons of mud and hoping just one ounce sticks to the wall in one last ditch hope of scaring the electorate into voting for him. I’m not buying it and I voted for Ronald Reagan twice! Bill Weld as Governor, and Mitt Romney as Governor. At least Reagan had the guts to fight the elections on the damn issues and not lies. That is something John McCain is not doing and he is playing cards that he really does not want to hold in his hand as a Maverick. You can’t win a poker game when your Democrat opponent has legitimate cards to play based on the issues and the best you can do is bluff poorly.

When the election is over I hope and pray that we as Americans vote our pocket book and our children’s future. One candidate is offering them one, the other wants to enlist them in the next hundred year war. Not my babies, I hope?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I 100% agree, tonight I was catching some Bill O'Reilly and the whole discussion concentrated on Michelle Obama. Stating she was an angry woman (black woman) and she backed away from speaking policy (because she is not the one running). People search and search for something to come up that makes Obama more "Human" with faults but have a hard time just allowing him the chance to prove that he may be for real. That he does care about the future of this great nation, and all Americans need to be involved. Instead the race card gets played, in suttle but obvious ways. How dare there be an intelligent, ivy league educated black male, is the GOP way. When you still have conservative southern population that still believes in lynching.
I grew up with a mixed race family and just like you, there is no color. There is good people and bad people, and I am not feeling very good about McCain.

8:10 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

McCain is having a serious problem selling his message and it is not inclusive of all Americans.

He just can not sell it but he props up Sarah Palin as a defense to try and window wash it. We are not buying a Chevy Senator McCain!

Talk about the damn issues. Great thoughts Crystal! Man oh man I wish you were writing here at Papamoka!

10:14 PM  

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