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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lies, More Lies and more Lies

I can not make this stuff up... Obama can not run a corporation and neither can McCain? But McCain is better capable. This from the words of woman that was fired as a CEO in the tank for John McCain? That is believable only if she did not get her exit stradegy bonuses.

Once more, the better for me from the rich is supposedly bettr for you as the poor? What is realy the difference between $15 bucks and hour and $1500 bucks and hour?

How fast does the truth meter have to swing? Give me a break? Do you want the next President to only tell half the truth to half of the Ameican people? I could not make this stuff up if I wanted too? And the GOP runs on a better than thou policy? Enough is enough!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

All from a woman that was fired from her last job. Quality I tell ya. I had a really hard time watching the RNC because I think 99% of CEO's and Ex-CEOs are full of bull and that is all that speaks at the convention. It is a shame that this day in age people can not agree on how money is spent, where it goes and the one major thing that divides a country/and politic parties is the economy. Agreement should be made to better the overall picture. I am glad I pay taxes because that means I have a job, but I think the way those taxes are spent needs to change quick. I just can not listen to people who only think about themselves and what benefits them. A president is nothing unless he has a great country to stand behind him, I think Bush has already proved that.

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