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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Is Michael Reagan Nuts?

In Republican circles it is now Obama’s fault for the legislation that Phil Gramm and John McCain voted for to derail any regulation in the financial markets. How is that logical? Has Michael Reagan been hitting the crack pipe to often or what? There is not one person more liable for this collapse than John McCain who fought hard for deregulation in every concept of the American economy! It's his freaking basis for being a Senator from Arizona! It's his entire reason for being a public servant. Less government, less regulation, it is who John McCain is! If you think John McCain can fix this disaster then I have a bridge to nowhere for sale on Ebay in Alaska that you might be interested in.

Here is what Newsmax has to say according to their star reporter Michael Reagan…

Michael Reagan: Wall Street Bailout 'Robbery'

The runaway government bailout of Wall Street at taxpayer expense is nothing less than "robbery,” according to Michael Reagan.

The top-rated talk-show host and Newsmax columnist told the 5 million listeners of "The Michael Reagan Show" on Friday that their pockets and those of their fellow Americans were being picked clean by the panic-driven bailout.

"Democrats Franklin Raines, Jim Johnson, Jamie Gorelick, Penny Pritzker, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank are robbing the American taxpayer, and Republicans in the House and Senate had been tapped to drive the getaway car," said Reagan.

“In a political system where well-paid Democrat operatives can enrich themselves at the expense of the American people with zero downside, there is no incentive to behave properly, when the taxpayer will bail you out. Enough is enough, bad decisions have consequences and those consequences ought to include indictments and jail time for those who cashed in."

Speaking to, Reagan added: “I hope John McCain will not shrink from pointing the finger of blame where it belongs – at Barack Obama, who fed greedily at the trough of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac while their top people, including two of his own campaign associates, were flim-flamming the American people. It’s a Democratic scandal from beginning to end, and the American people deserve to know it.”
- Newsmax

Just the push poll on the site tells the story about what Newsmax is really all about. Hello my brotha from another motha Fox News. The ad I saw was a picture of Obama and the question was “Make American Kids Learn Spanish? Yes or NO”. If that doesn’t piss off the Latino vote then I don’t know what will? All of you people of South American decent should be pissed off at this accusation! My family came to America speaking Gaelic, where did your family come from and what language did you speak at home? Divide and conquer is the tactic here and you should not fall for it! I’m second generation Irish American and all I know of Gaelic is the phrases of Saint Patricks Day. Cead me Faulte. One thousand welcomes. And I probably screwed that up. That is what America is all about. You come here for the dream of a better life, you assimilate your family. They become regular American’s like all of us. End of discussion.

Democrats in the Congress did not stuff this legislation to change the banking industry down the throats of the American people? A Republican lead Congress did it under George Bush and his no veto record the entire time the Congress was in control of the Republican Party. The demise of our economy rest solely on the people in power from the right side of the aisle that voted in majority over and over again to shift the American form of government into the hands of the private sector. Banking deregulation was foremost in John McCain’s voting record and he can not run from the facts! He can not run from the fact that he and George Bush wanted to privatize Social Security either just like they did the banking industry. McCain voted for this demise. He can not hide from it!

Michael Reagan is not his father, he is not any remote resemblance of what his father President Reagan stood for. America is being raped and he is blaming a Senator that has only been in office for a few years for our nations financial market collapse? Grow up and own up Michael Reagan. We have enough liars in Washington and enough lies coming out of the McCain for President campaign. Would you care to comment on the Senator from Arizona lock step vote with Phil Gramm on gutting the safety valve steps that FDR put in place after the last Wall Street collapse?

America is facing a serious crisis and the only answer you have is not blaming a candidate for President that has voted to repeal every safety valve that FDR (A Democrat) put forth to protect America from the next great depression. Ya, your on topic and realistic! NOT!

One more millionaire Republican pointing out how stupid we as American’s can be. Don’t buy into it. You are smarter than that. Voting for McCain is voting for not just what George Bush stood for but voting away everything that provided retirement protections in Social Security. Can you honestly trust anyone that will gamble your guaranteed Social Security check on Wall Street after the latest events? I would not bet on that and I would certainly not vote for the SOB that would risk it on my behalf.


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Blogger Michael Boh said...

Great point Papamoka - I believe, and I think the facts prove me correct, that Michael Reagan, those like him, and the Republican sheep that listen to their BS, are nothing but disgusting LIARS who use patriotism as a wedge to gain power. They have mastered the ability to project their own mistakes and weaknesses onto their opponents. The really sad part is that they all begin to believe their own lies over time. I only hope the American people wake up to their duplicity and deceit. Thanks - Michael

12:41 PM  

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